Wednesday, 6 October 2010

script and thumbnail roughs

Script idea 1

Using the animation as a guideline for my story, which at the moment might be in some way parody of it. I will try with my thumbnails to give this my own personal style and connection because as i explained before the subject matter is something i myself have faced 4 times throughout my collage years and feel I could be creative with such a small problem.


Scene 1


(Birds eye view quarter splash page) we are introduced to the setting, which is either a study (dorm room) with a desktop computer
  • Laptop
  • Time period 2010
  • Room needs to be a little compacted and crowded
  • Atmosphere Humid average
  • Late afternoon
 The apposed owner of this hardware (young student form collage or University) comes in (right or left) sits gently down on the swinging chair.
  • Medium shot
  • Close up
  • Mood: Clam, Excited, and Natural
Scene 2

Activating Agent

Boots up the system and an art application loads up
(Any or something opposite) on to the screen.
  • Close up
  • Subject to subject
  • Starts to type
  • Close up of the desktop could be effective here
Scene 3 

Time passes (close up of clocks hands) as the person counties hard working.

Obscure views of character at desk and his hand at work in the middle with actual screenshots of the work his making.

Scene 4

(Aspect to Aspect)
 Could show other residents near the complex (in it) going among their daily shenanigans.
(Reading, cleaning, TV, Sex) This could be a whole panel transition on the bottom of page 1.

Page 2

Scene 5

Cut to the outside (birds eye view) with either an (animal or object) located near some pylon wires connected to the developments.
  • Right by the window of the Students room
  •   A living creature might be easier for the viewer to relate to
Scene 6

Time yet again passes (close up of clocks face).
  •  Time of day could be a stronger visual for the passing of time as well
Scene 7

Finished work 

Scene 8

The young student has finally finished their digital piece (work) with an expression of pride or (relief) time to save.

Scene 9


(Subject to subject)

A tensional second builds up slowly reaching for the File’ Save 
With the (inanimate object or creature) getting way to close to the pylon wires (half a page). 
  • Slow motion
  • Close ups, worm eye views galore Switching between both the outside Desktop screen and students face
  • Sweats
  • Splash page
  • Arranged a bit like how pop up boxes is when on a desktop 
  • The animal or projectile bouncing in to the power lines (medium shot) knocks them
  • Subject out side maybe get an electric shock probably 
Page 3

Conflict begins

Scene 9

(Birds eye or close up) Power goes off on the computer
With the Message 'Warning Files have been lost." 

Scene 10

Student looks alienated and worryingly silent at the screen.

Scene 11

Almost a full splash page with the protagonist centered Screaming in the middle of a twisted (birds eye view) of the room with all three pervious scenes (bottom of page 1) reacting to the load echo (Scene to Scene)

Panel 1 medium 
Panel 2 Mediums
Panel 3 close up 

Page 4

  Rise and Conclusion

Scene 12

After having let out all the anger and frustration in to the air the student lets out a big Sigh (cry).

Scene 13

 Turns back to computer and completely irritated and pissed off starts again (moment to moment).
  • Or lets the stress get to them and walk away from the room muttering

Scene 14

(Moment to moment) a rolling ball being picked up by small figures hands

Scene 15

Shows the outside street exterior of the building where the pylons are with the animal
(Object) walking away from the unwanted accident, (interference) grins and laughs.
  •  At the window or reader

1 comment:

Chiu said...

okay! Well I think the activating agent is the appearance of the bird - before then it's just introducing the character on the computer

The rise in conflict, as in the switching back and forth from bird to guy on computer, suggests that a catastrophe is looming - but it's a pretty lame "rise" I'm not particularly moved or enlightened by the story or the moral of the story:

Learn to always save at frequent times or you will pay for it one day.

Well that was thought provoking, not!

On the great side - excellent process in both your rough panel layouts and your script writing! Excellent examples of good practice