Thursday, 19 February 2009

Hourly Comic Day

The concept is you draw a strip every hour for an entire day about your day...You'd think that would be dull (and in some cases it is) but those imaginative diarists amongst comickers came up with some really good work.

Sadly it was on the 1st of February (I only found it a few days ago) but I'm considering doing one of my own on a day when I have something vaguely interesting happening (or else it would mostly consist of watching films, drawing and sleep o.o).

Masses of them can be found here. The lucky Americans had superbowl on the same day thus most of them had something to draw about but there are people from all over the world on the board. (Hint, the ones with more than one page on the forum are generally the best because they are the ones people bothered to comment on!)

Official info here:

And a few of my favourites...
BUNNZ from New York. Really amusing and surreal (kinda like Chiu...only...funnier >.>:P)

Egle Ehtjen from Keri Island, Estonia. Beautiful and unusual setting in unique style.

Jordyn F. Bochon from Vancouver, Canada. This one makes me think of toothpaste.

Ink Soup 2/Here's Johnny

Firstly congratulations to everyone who is in the second Ink Soup, we passed the vigorous Chiu examination, have now been mass printed and hopefully be flying off the shelves, so don't forget to spread the word about it, Chiu has 45 copies and Johann has 5 so that's where they can be purchased! We'll push this one then onwards to the next issue, freaky fables!

Secondly, I was wondering if anyone saw Here's Johnny on More4 on tues night? Shame i didn't know about it before hand but it was a really interesting programme about John Hickleton, a 2000Ad comic illustrator. It was to do with his battle against MS and how his art keeps him going, not exactly relevant but all the same i thought it was really worth a watch, so if it comes on again i recommend it, i would put up his page...but he doesn't have on, only found this on

but, he's worth coming across as I think he would appeal to Jess and Johann as his ink/drawing work is amazing, plus its very dark stuff!

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Isabel Greenberg

I meet people all the time and often make, unfortunately or not, very quick and lasting judgments about them - Having met Isabel Greenberg twice now, both for fleeting instances my judgment is still best kept to myself

Nevertheless her work I have discovered appears at every corner that I turn, and it is both witty (in a wry way) and carefully placed within respective markets

her visual diaries can be found here:

second prize to this year's observer graphic short story here:

and the books I almost bought:

Friday, 13 February 2009


I've noticed that some people are really adept in penciling out wonderful compositions within finely constructed narratives, but then let the work down with poor inking.

Like the French and some other Europeans I suggest that some of you should work in separately on:

colouring (where applicable)

Issue 03 theme and deadline

Issue 02 not yet printed and we are already planning 03

Okay the theme is, as requested by Lee Sparks, "Freaky Fables"!
Deadline is 22nd April 2009
Minimum 2 pages, maximum of 4 pages

We are looking for either original stories &/or Artwork
There is a submissions policy/standard, and the best way to understand this is to compare the work in copies of Ink soup 1 & 2 with your own!

We can include several guests from outside of BIAD - issue 02 has Roo (ex-BIAD) and may have Kate McMorrine yet to come!

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

test print issue 02

Cross fingers and murray will have our first test print!

I still need to work on contents page after Debbie did the concept work and outlines for it, and then do the back pages

All contributors should in the next few days should be available to make any necessary changes/modifications!

We are still short of two pages!!! Any offers?? I am awaiting KTC, but she's a slippery customer!


Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For Ed (and anyone else interested in storyboarding!)

The Watchmen – Zack Snyder Storyboard Competition


Zack Snyder has picked a scene from the forthcoming film Watchmen for students to storyboard..

Storyboards play a vital part in my process long before I start sharing them with my team. It is a key part of my process for envisioning the entire film from start to end. The bottom line is that, although it takes me a tremendous amount of time during the pre-production to draw each and every frame (2,581 in the case of Watchmen), in the end, the shooting boards become one of my most useful tools” Zack Snyder

What you need to do is produce a storyboard for that scene. You don’t need to be a great artist, what we want is your visualization of this key scene, using drawings, text etc and suggesting camera angles in a series of frames. Its your chance to imagine how this film should look.



Winner will be selected to attend the UK premiere on Monday, February 23rd with a guest including hotel accommodation. The winner will also attend a special exclusive 30 minute Q&A session with Zack Snyder. Winner and 5 runners up will receive a copy of the novel Watchmen.


Entries should be emailed to, or submitted by post to 15 Tylers Green Road, Crockenhill, Kent, BR8 8LG. Emailed entries must be received by 1pm on Wednesday 18th February, 2009, postal ones by Tuesday 17th February . A judging panel, independently selected by Paramount Pictures UK will select the winner and runners up.

The winner will be informed no later than 6pm on Friday 20th February January 2009

Sorry for the lateness of it but storyboarders are supposed to have quick turn around >.>...I did only just find it!

Also you should try getting intouch with this guy, Steve Beaumont

I know his website is abit...dubious but I took a workshop with him at Leeds thoughtbubble and he's a really impressive storyboarder and has alooot of industry experiance. He also gets back intouch with you, according to my friend Will who is also an aspiring storyboarder.

Hope this helps!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Comic Rack

Here is the Pc program for reading .cbr and .cbz's...Don't worry, its free...It's also a great way to get free comics if you can stand to read them on the computer screen...I've got a pretty big collection that I'm willing to share if anyone wants them but I won't post them up here incase the download police hunt me down and imprison me >.>!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

NACAE - National Association of Comic Art Educators

Although aimed at schools, I think you'll find some useful pointers here:

In the last several years the comics art form has flourished, generating much interest from the literary, art and educational communities. The number of schools teaching comics is growing quickly and this site is a resource for individuals and institutions interested in teaching visual storytelling.

While many schools still hold antiquated notions of what comics are, a growing number of schools have started offering programs and classes in comics (or "sequential art," as it is occasionally called). Teaching comics in schools is a relatively new phenomenon, but schools that have implemented programs have met with tremendous success. is the homepage of NACAE (pronounced "nay-say"), the National Association of Comics Art Educators. This site's objective is to be a resource where the growing number of educators in comic art/sequential art can get and share ideas. It is also hoped that educators who work in other disciplines can use comics as a way of furthering their own objectives.

Friday, 6 February 2009

Free golden age comics

A huge directory of old out of print/out of copyright comics from the Golden Age mostly, but some go back earlier. There's a few really good ones like Little Nemo in there if you look hard enough.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

do not come in!

uni closes at 2 today and won't open tomorrow! DO NOT COME IN! hahahahahahaah! For Real!!! Maggie, has just told me!!

Do however send me all your files over yousendit. I have begun the layouts! Will finish next week! Hope you read this one Murray!!

Competitions, Festivals, Anthologies etc.



General Events Info

Zine/Alternative/Comic Festivals

Job Listings etc.

Chiu asked me to seek out possible things to enter/submit to or festivals to go to....I'm still working on finding more but here are a few to check out.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Line up so far + New Deadline this Wednesday 4th of Feb

Line up according to work I've seen so far! But not necessarily order of pages

Murray 4 pages
Debbie 4 pages + Cover
Jess (center spread) 2 (possible 4)
Milan 2 pages
Ed 2 pages
Johan 4 pages
Chiu 4 pages (back pages)

total = 24 page comic - (if any of the above want to submit more work feel free)

waiting for:

Dean Eberhardt 4
Katie Coulton 1X2 + 2
Roo 4

we are meeting tomorrow in Computer Lab for design production! 4th Feb

Monday, 2 February 2009

Life Without Santa

So here is the almost finished things...I still need to tidy things up abit and add the text to the last two pages. Just wanted to put it up to prove I've got something! I'll have the text done tommorrow. Lemme know what you think.

Ps. I know I was meant to be in today but the blizzard scared me off! Did other's come in to work on it? Do you want me in another day? Preferably not tommorrow because I've gotta do some stuff >.>...!

The Box- Pages 1-4

My four pages, let me know what you think, personally the more solid black is a more practical way of working for this strip, i appreciate what was said last week of my marks, but trying to get consistent pages with the marks and the odd layouts is proving too problematic, its something i'll address on my next attempt, but for this strip i prefer it like this, but please let me know what you think and about things i'll possibly have to change! Cheers

The Circus Page 2

Ive changed the image at the bottom, I feel it works alot better than the previous one but I'd like to hear your thoughts!