Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Teenage Wasteland script and roughs

I think this is going to kill me, I can't draw cities, especially sci-fi style cities, and I suck at perspective, but it's a challenge so I think even if I fail, I'll learn something. Annnnnnd here's the script for those thumbnails.

Pages 1+2 double page spread.
Three quarters dedicated to an establishing shot of Athena; the floating city. The first quarter is contained within panels, which reveals little details of the city, and also creates something a little more interesting in terms of the depth of the space.

Narration box 1: There are only three of us left... It was never gonna end well, not after we found out the truth, but... I've lost so many friends because of them.

Narration box 2: ... I'm sorry. I'm starting this story all wrong. I promised myself to do their memory justice. Let me take you back to the beginning, to the day when everything changed for us.

Narration box 3: It started on Athena; the sanctuary in the sky...

Panel 1- reveals a more detailed shot of the city. High angle reveals a part of a foot on the roof of a building.

Radio: I don't know about you, but I sure am glad I'm not down on Dystopia today...

Panel 2- A partial face is revealed of a woman lazing upon the sloped roof of the building. There is an old-fashioned steam-punk style radio next to her.

Radio: ... Riots, famine, turf wars, it's all going on down there, folks. Let's count our blessings, eh? ... Here's some Billie Holiday for you good Utopians.

Panel 3- The protagonist is fully revealed.

Radio: Living for you is easy living. It's easy to live when you're in love...

Panel 4- A mid-to-long shot of the building the MC is on. Her father peeks out of the bedroom window.

Radio: ... And I'm so in love. There is nothing in life but you...
Father: Ofelia, it's late. Come on back inside; dinner's on the table.
Ofelia: ... I'll be in in a sec, lemme just listen to the end of this...
Father: Alright, but don't come crying to me when your soup goes cold. See you inside, honey.

Panel 5- Close-up of Ofelia, smiling.

Radio: I never regret the years that I'm giving.
Ofelia: See you in a minute, dad.

Panel 6- Long shot of the area they're inhabiting. Father retreating back into the bedroom, leaving Ofelia alone with the radio. The horizon is the colour of evening.

Radio: They're easy to give when you're in love...

Panel 7- Takes up the rest of the space left on the page. Shows Ofelia stood up, with the city in detail all around her. The sky looks even redder now, and the radio continues to play out Billie Holiday's 'Easy Living'.

Narration box: We had no idea... we had no fucking idea...

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