Monday, 11 October 2010

new impoverd Script

I am in a Weird place

This new script was inspired by the chorus of a song in the Animated short Dry fish done by Andy Martian.

Quote by Andy on the narrative: “Sometime you find yourself in a place that you just cant explain and quite often it can be a little bit worrying. This animated short tells of one such occasion as our hero tries to express his feelings in the only way he can...via the medium of song”.

I plan to something similar but on a personal level but this is what I have got as of now. 


Scene 1

(Birds eye view) Our setting is inside a crowed squashed Bus interior around 4 or 5 pm. (rush hour time)

  • ·       Weather wet and rainy

  • ·       Many ethics and groups can be observed from the disabled seating area

  • ·       Atmosphere and emotion is loud with social discussions and talks. While at the same time people are restrictive to make eye contact or speech with any other members of the public.

Scene 2

Compositioned in between two imposing silhouetted figures slouching on their chair our main protagonist of the story a University (collage) student.

  • ·       He/she
  • ·       Silently looking down away from the clutter and mess of sounds
  • ·       Maybe stressed
  • ·       Physically looks a bit of a scruff
  • ·       Bored

Scene 3

(Close up) The student comes out of his comfortable position to look vaguely at the person sitting next to him on the right. 

Scene 4

(Medium shot) The figure is that of a young women (25 or 33) yapping on her phone.

  • ·       Middle class
  • ·       Stereotypical female Chav

Activating Agent

Scene 5

(Close up) without any logical expiation Her very words start becoming visible clouds weird forms start to twirl and evolve as if she were breathing out heavy smoke.

  • ·       Scene 4 and 5 is a action to action transition

  • ·       She is Oblivious to the smoke 

Scene 6

(Close up) of a surprised Student

Scene 7

Things take a surreal turn here

(Close up quarter splash page) The clouds have magical formed a small Hallucinated mass of land populated by moving living symbols and images based on the women’s phone conversion.

  • ·       Illustrates her desires and dislikes about herself

page 1

Scene 8

(Medium shot) The student suddenly watches another passenger on the other side of the vehicle interior the persons an apposed young businessman consorting his friend over the phone.

Scene 9

 The same pheromone accusers as his sentences transform and warp in to a virtual moving reality of a Movie his planning to see with his mates.

  • ·       No one seems to be ware or even care about the trippy shenanigans
  • ·       The movie could be a lose parody of a recent movie or a popular genre


Next few panels are more like Splash pages and their subject to subject transition of other passengers (in the same area) conversations breaking the froth wall of reality and becoming visual miniature worlds, martial, and symbolism.

Scene 10

(Birds eye view) A couple of old dears discussing about their recent holiday trip to the coast.

·       The old women’s Imaginary world begins to attach and wrap it self around the rails and poles of the interior space.

Scene 11

(Quarter Splash page) A young pre schooner and his sister (friend) play with their action figures and toys with all the noise and groups of people. They’re made up sound effects create a clashing miniature galaxy of both si fi and nature.

·       A small panel in the corner showing the children as they were before the continued event 

Page 2

Conflict begins

Scene 12

This transition continues until panel 14 and no acknowledgement from anyone apart from the student.
  • ·       Many different ideas and concepts appear from every mouth but the visuals start crossing paths and connecting to each other within the entire interior.
Scene 13

A hug (splash page) of non secqutor objects and symbols produce a void of utter mess and mental confusion that the student starts to panic as it becomes more and more Closterfobic to the point where the surrounding interior has become non extinct (completely vanished) with only a couple of human figures still speaking loudly.

page 3

  • ·       Student needs to be centred to show the amount of pressure they are under.
  • ·       There’s no weight or visible walls so the figures are now arranged around the space to demosate the sheer imagination all theses people have.

Scene 14

(Close up) of a terrified expression on students face exposes the panel.

Scene 15

(Medium shot) Spontaneously out of nowhere the whole scene is back to the premise it originally was (scene 1) even though time has moved forward.

  • ·       Not one single reaction from the surrounding public after all that
  • ·       Student sweating and clinging to their chair in sheer worry

Scene 16

Student casually slightly puzzled moves to the buses entrance with ignorance from the passengers.

Rise and Conclusion

Scene 17

 (Birds eye view) The Student exits the buses doors on to the street pavement while tossing a discarded object of some sort on to the concrete.

Scene 18

(Worms eye view) reveals the object to be a cigarette or a dug of some kind with random non sequitur visuals emerging from the exterior of the cigarette packaging with the faint silhouette of the student exiting the scene.

  • Weather is damp but clear

The End

page 4



darkenight21 said...

i love how you use energy and movement within your panels, it keeps me focused and drawn into your comic,

Chiu said...

hahahaha! Love it! Is this meant to be a comment on the number of people now smoking hash on the back of the buses - if it is, it's a great comment on our big society!