Friday, 26 February 2010

this is something i knocked up after having a good dose of ashley woods work as influence.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Just a quick link to a nice step-by-step process I stumbled upon.
Goes from first sketches through to penciling-inking and then digital colouring all with helpful tips.


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

sqwozzle box

I really dont know where im goin with this one because im making it up as i go along, i like the sequential aspects of some artists on grande papier but Im not that pleased with this one, Ive already scrapped another one before this.
I'll post the influences tomorrow.

I know its quite not 1 post a day but without sounding lazy, Im am trying to simplify things so I can do it faster but I just get caught up in the drawing. It was a big mistake doing this in pencil as I don't use it often, only to plan stuff out.

Daft comic for 7 days thingy

Couldn't come up with a comic idea, so I just doodled one of the characters with the amount of detail I normally would.Also, here's the link to Kate Beaton's comic blog, Hark a Vagrant

And here's the link for where to get Bristol Boards. Ive never ordered them directly, so I dont know what delivery is like or anything, but this is the company that forbidden planet orders them from I think. Ill probably use them in the future. I personally use the 'Pro Traditional' boards, but theres a whole bunch of types on there, so it might be worth a gander:
Blue Line Art

very different from what i usually like but i really thought the loose style was very interesting it brought life to the images. so when i tried my own i found it was very liberating not being so confined to the usual way i work!!!

Monday, 22 February 2010

7 day
im using this as an excuse to experiment with photos

Seven Days - by Chiu

finally last image seven drawings, eight days!

List of Publishers

and link to Grandpapier:

7 comics 7 days

I get the feeling I'm not the only one who can't think of a comic to draw today.

'Bigfoot has writers block'

3rd day. Super rough one today as I'm low on ideas & I'm planning on getting drunk tonight so staying up and working on a near finished comic isn't on the cards.
Was looking through 'Mysterious Cults' book and read about the Witch Hunters of the 17th century burning lots of old ladies.

Concentrated more on the ideas behind the comic today.
Witch hunter characters are a large part of the Warhammer universe in their games, comics and novels.

'Condemned by Fire' Graphic Novel with a Witch Hunter main character.

Couple of Grandpapier comics I liked.
David Libens: Badaboom Twist Pick this one for the use of wash shading that i've been playing around with. A few pages in it turns English which helped a bit.

I have no idea what is being said in Theo Calmejane: Spaceship Cruiser But the Characters and body language are universal so you can pick up what is happening even with the language barrier. Might try the thick black negative spaces in one of the 7 days comics. It also reminds me of one of my favorite and biggest influences (you will probably see while reading them) the Jamie Smart comic 'Bear'. All 10 issues of which can be read online at Or purchased from Forbidden Planet in Birmingham.

Jamie Smart & my other favorite Comic artists are all published by Slave Labor Graphics which is where I am aiming to be published from as the fanbase from the type of comic I write is a large part of the publishers market.

Slave Labor website
And the All important Submission Guidelines which after reading through a few different ones ( Darkhorse being one )I felt Slave Labor where a lot friendlier in their Guidelines whilst it comes across in Darkhorse's that sending them a submission is a big pain in their side.

No comic today as I got preoccupied with drawing this. My Tattoo machine arrives Monday so I need to get drawing designs to practice with.

If it had came today you would be seeing a comic tattooed onto pig skin but Royal Mail is a bitch.

If there is a Staples store near you pick up a A3 scanner/printer for £168.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

More images!!!

I think these are coming along ok, Im finding that I'm more frequently re-assessing the tonal quality of each image more than I used to and either rectifying it or re-doing it. The actuall mannequin should make an appearence soon!

Monday, 15 February 2010

For lesson Four - the making of INK SOUP

For next monday the 22nd of February can you please bring in the 300 dpi files for the making of ink soup 05 biblical Tales! Those of you you have sent the correct layered files should still bring in their work just in case.

submissions for lesson 03

First one up = toby! Well done! You can see I've adjusted the curves, and the boxes, just for discussion - well done with the layers, everything perfect! If you email him! I am sure he will send you the link to his file!

Second in (top image) by Dan Griffin Hayes

Lesson 03 Photoshop Layouts - Masking Clips

From todays lesson can you please send me tiff layered files by Midnight (those of you who don't do it will turn into rats!) through:

more info on clipping paths can be found here:


and some insights into how other graphic novelists may work:

you need to do at least one page based on either an "ink soup submission" or "you, me & us"

SEND THE TIFF Layered 300 dpi file + FONTS that were used (put them all in a folder)
you need to get used to this way of working if incase you get publishers asking you to edit your work

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Dressmaker's Mannequin

1st completed panels so far - minus the numbers on the clock face!
59 panels to go so should be completed in about 2 months (exhaustion). Would be good to get some critical feedback before I really get going. Thanks :)