Tuesday, 26 October 2010

return to Eurotica and why

(from bottom to top)
these 3 examples are published by eurotica
first the story of o
similar style to where with development my work may be

second perverts of the unknown
similar niave figure style and shading

third chica
similar cross hatching style to the current pages im working on

this is the work of Michael Mannings who im going to compete with i know you will say he's better but he's got 20 years of illustration experience over me so in time i hope it to be of this quality


Chiu said...

now you know where you want to go you'll need to develop a strategy to make yourself confident in drawing sensual and erotic art - You've already started with getting people to pose for you, but on the more sensitive poses you may need to search for the right references - there can be no denying that most of the artists that fall in your genre probably use pictures of bondage and other pornography to help with referencing their work -

on the ethical aspect of your work, there is the question of whether you paint women in a poor light? I liked it much better when you were dishing out abuse at female stereotypes

saint said...

oh beleve me there is stereo type abuse to be had and a nice bit of religious intolorence to thought possibly may cut it (im not sure if the whole repent the end is nigh thing has been over done 28 days later kind of toped it) there is quite a twist to the ending. The tame start is for a false sence of security it will become clear with the plot synopsis. Where its going the way erotica seems to work is as long as it starts off classic with sex, nudity etc. you can then drop the heavyer stuff on to the reader as even if they just continue for the next sex scene in it there still going to read it which is the whole point! Sex or violence is often the major selling point of most media e.g the film 'repo the genetic opera' was fantastic, clever and differnt but why did people go see it? to see Paris Hiltons face get ripped off . Also haveing worked selling games and dvd's for a while i can tell you most the time if there's no sex or violence it doesn't sell well at all i think the weekly groups of under 18's i used to turn away for grand theft auto prove this is not likely to change, so i've given this quite a bit of thought.

Chiu said...

another publisher you could consider: