Monday, 18 October 2010

British International Comics Show

Over the weekend of the 16th-17th of October the British international comic show was in Brimingham. It was Located within the Millenium Point complex. Which had a series of Writers, Artists and a fair few comic enthusiasts, (suprisingly) out in force.
Unfortunately i was only able to attend the Sunday's talks and exhibits. However it was still a worthwhile and enjoyable visit.
When i arrived i joined a que with a a number of fellow comic fans and geeks, all suited with their favourite characters t-shirts costumes etc. These were enthusiastic people!
As the line slowly dissapated and we filed into the lecture theatre, a small table was visable with a collection of microphones and the always necessary bottles of water. We took our seats and waited expectantly for the talks to begin. A beared man sat down along with UK writer for Doctor who and comics Captain Britain and Knight and Squire, Paul Cornell. He and the beared man who i then realised was the host or interviewer for the talks, began discussing his favourite comics and characters, what he dose in his field etc. They were then joined by Yanick Paquette, Marvel cover artist and serial illustator. He talked about his methods of work and how he treats the scripts he is given for illustration, his methods of work, how he takes whats written and see if he can adjust to what is needed and what he can push ideas further.
Finally we were introduce with Jimmy Broxton DC comic artist. this was one of the most interesting parts of the talks featured as he and Paul Cornell had and are currently working together on the Knight and Squire comics for dc in britain. They went on to describe how we in britain differ to the american audiences, the way we are able to get away with more risky elements in comics opposed to the more formal american comics. They went onto discussing the relationship of writer and illustrator how they have to work very closely and edit or change elements of each through discussion and trials to see how each could better the other, how it is more of a symbiotic relationship.
This gave food for thought in how to approach my own works present and future. As the talks came to a close people poured out of the theatre only to see Johnaton Ross signing autographs and promoting his new comic series called Turf.
After the stargazing i wandered aimlessly trying to find the poorly labeled and almost hidden exhibit hall, In which had the professional and would be artists were displaying and promoting their works. It was interesting to see what was on show. I saw two artists in particular that i recognised and owned some of their work, Kev Crossley and Sean Philips unfortunatley the ques for both were very busy. Other than this room there was very little else to see.

Overall i enjoyed the afternoon spent there, i learned some intersting facts about the life of illustrators and writers in the industry, along with seeing some fine works.
My only complaint was i wish there was more on offer maybe a few more recognisable artists and writers available for individual talks.

Yanick Paquette

Kev Crossley


Dcavolli said...

im so gutted i missed it... I feel like kicking myself on the head..

Yes i literally mean warm up for 15 min, do some very extensive streches and then kick myself...

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I'll help you :)