Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Great lots of new posts!

But only half an hour to go before midnight and still lots of people haven't posted - too bad for them!

General comment directed at people doing what looks like personal stories, which I think is an area rich with potential.
You want to reflect and describe the tiniest of details which you believe your audience could empathize with - at the moment the scripts seem like sharp shrift bursts of expression, without thinking about how you draw the reader into your story

Consider the unfolding of your story, allow/force your reader to use their imagination by playing with CLOSURE - Give us only pieces of the puzzle so we need to work things out - And Don't Duplicate the text with the visuals in the panels


darkenight21 said...

what does it mean when your trying to upload something and then it says error HTML?

Chiu said...

depending on whether you are using a mac or a pc, and the browser, you usually get two ways of typing in info - "edit html" and "compose" - it's best to use compose, as it shouldn't come up with html errors

darkenight21 said...

okay then thanks chiu, i was really worried when it poped up saying that. thanks again