Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Tasks from week one


1/ Post summer projects on ink soup - if you haven't already sent me an email on my uni account, you need to do so, then I can send you an invite to the Ink Soup Blog, other wise you won't be able to post stuff up or comment
2/ Research into genres that are related to the practice that you want to work within, and bring in all research in an RVJ - reflective visual journal - like the ones I showed today
3/ Make sure you know which brief you are doing for next week, you can google for past competition briefs, or you can find one from current publishers:
4/ Find a graphic short story related to your practice and reverse engineer into a written script only with written visual descriptions
Also write in the following parts of the narrative structure:
  • intro - background setting
  • activating agent - conflict - something happens out of the usual
  • rise in conflict - progression of story
  • climax - revelation
  • resolution - denouement - conclusion - twist in ending
5/ Use the knowledge gained from task 4 to help you write up your own scripts related to the brief that you want to tackle in the next six weeks

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