Sunday, 10 October 2010

rough layouts and script

Doing the observer brief.

The main character stereotypical high up banker late for a meeting. He will be talking on his Bluetooth earpiece to someone who is at the meeting already. The man who is late will cause the lift to break down, and keep attempting to fix the lift from the inside but clearly just break it more.

The concept is that it is a metaphor for the idea that bankers are largely responsible for the state of the economy at the moment. Also going to include a young barefoot boy in the lift also symbolizing the recent ideas of lowering child benefits.

1. Banker stood talking to someone on Bluetooth earpiece, “Tell them to hold the meeting, im literally 10 minutes away I’m coming now”.

2. Number 14 on the lift lights up ‘ding!’.

3. Banker stood in front of lift as doors open still speaking on blue tooth, “DON’T START THE MEETING WITHOUT ME!”.

4. Banker stepping into lift, “mmhmm, mmhmm”.

5. Banker stood pressing button in lift, “come onnn”.

6. Young boy runs into lift as doors are shutting.

7. Banker says to persone on Bluetooth “some little brat, im in the lift at the moment”. Kid in background playing on hand rail in the lift.

8. Banker franticly pressing groung button as he is in such a hurry, “come on bloody thing”.

9. Breaks the ground floor button.

10. Silhouetted all round view of them in the lift showing its started moving. Banker says “Paul im 10 minutes away just hold it”.

11. Banker saying “well tell them there’s nothing wrong with the bonuses”, boy in background looking at the man.

12. Banker “we deserve..”

13. Lights go out as lift breaks down, “shit”.

14. Lights still out banker says “whats going on”

15. Lights come on banker says whilst panicking “Paul get help, call 999” - ”Its gona be ok kid”.

16. Banker trying to open the door, “this IS a fucking emergency”.

17. Banker franticly trying to fix lift taking off the panel n playing with the wires, “shit shit shit come on”.

18.Still panicking trying to work out a way out, banker pulls off roof panel.

19. Banker accidently drops roof panel onto boys shoulder “sorry sorry”, boy “ah”.

20. Banker palming all the buttons trying to get it to work again, “no no no, come on!”.

21. Caretaker unscrews lift button on the ground floor to let them out.

22. Door opens to see fat banker stressed out and sweating.

23. Caretaker having a look at the lift, “what the hell has he done here”.

24. Banker running off muttering reasons why the life bloke, placing the blame on other people, “you really need a new electrician – such dodgy wiring – cheap roof pannels too mate”


Chiu said...

hahahaah! Lot's of potential - needs ironing out with a bit more subtlety and perhaps some research on how bankers behave and talk - to make the whole scene more believable - maybe a kid is not the right banker's antagonist as the question would be 'why's he in a bankers office?'

otherwise not bad at all -
one thing - are there supposed to be four pages?

Josh Deamer-Macaulay said...

OK cheers i will patch things up. I wasn't sure about the kid, when i think about it there's so many more suitable options for another character haha. My final will be 4 pages, im going to have to change some things about the lay out.