Wednesday, 6 October 2010


this is a rough draft of the first page of my graphic novel and first page of script i dont usually post pencil as i prefur shading in pen .

Page 1. panel 1

1-4of a page

Zoomed out shot of futuristic city screen with eyes on everywhere and flood lights etc.

Narrator: 2099 the cusp of a new century technology reigns. We are all being watched

Panel 2 2-4 of a page

2 men dressed in black with visors on backs to us , in centre of the room boss at a desk back to us looking at a wall of mixed screens wearing a long white coat , on right to men in similar white coats to boss also in visors.

Narrator: brain washing is the new ruler

Only men are free.

Between bottom of panel 2 and top of panel 3

Narrator: or so they think.

Panel 3 3-4 of page vertical

Naked woman with arms bound behind her back, blindfolded, with a chastity belt padlocked on. She has a feather duster in her mouth cleaning a desk .

Split in page

Narrator: women now the slaves and tools of a world that’s no longer needs them….

A womens severed head with probes in the brain, ear and neck.

Panle 4 4-4 of page vertical

A naked woman lying on her back throws her platform heel through the TV set in front of her

Scarlet: there makein TV shows out of this shit now fucking fantastic.

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Jowy said...

Certainly the mix of Si FI and prejudice against women will make a strong narrative at least that’s what I personally feel.