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Fumetto Deadline is the 5th!

It says postmarks so you have to post it by then but I'm aiming for the 2nd or 3rd...er...if I manage to come up with anything...Viruses is proving bloody hard to be original about.

Also C'est Bon Kultur is accepting submissions for the next publications and the next deadline is January 1st!


I'm gonna try and get something done for that...er...even though its 4 days away...curse you christmas!

Autobiography Research

I'm sure you're aware of my diary (if not here's a shameless plug, I've done a ton I'll scan or photograph tommorrow, Awkward Days ) I got a few books over christmas and I've been generally looking at other peoples work to inspire it.

Jeffrey Brown
Pretty well known for his comics, Jeffrey Brown focuses on the relationships in his life (from losing his virginity to being in a long distance relationship) in a very swift liney style. I got Unlikely (the virginity one) for christmas as well as Cat Getting Out of a Bag (a study of the quirks of cats that all cat owners can relate to). Both are amusing but one of the most noticable things about it is how he creates awkwardness and general tension in his strips, the sort of awkwardness of a new relationship etc.

James Kolchalka
I also got American Elf Volume 2 which kept me amused all christmas day...I love his strips and read about them when I was researching for my dissertation. The way he thinks reminds me of myself...though his strips are much better drawn...and colour...>.> maybe someday I'll be that good XP I'd recommend it anyway, he updates very regularly (as this proves) and can be found here http://www.americanelf.com/
Two things that particularly stand out about his work are, most diary comics are black and white (probably mostly for a time scale thing) and most are rather irregularly posted. He's been doing it ten years and hasn't missed a day (from what I can see) and also his colours make it stand out immensely. Hence why I love him and his stories!

Marc Ellerby

I met Marc Ellerby at Leeds Thought Bubble festival (he gave a talk on independent/alternative comics and had a stall) and then emailed him reguarding my dissertation and he is a lovely (if very busy) person. He does a similar thing to the other's (diary comics are generally pretty formulaic from what I've seen...what makes them good is the person writing them). He's pretty witty and his drawing whilst not quite as interesting as American Elf (I can't help it...i love those bright pictures!) lends itself well to the medium...He currently sells selected comics (called Ellerbisms) at conventions (£3.50 I think)... He recommended me doing it, since they consist of self printed covers (colour, on his A3 printer) with simple black and white copies inside which he makes up himself. I'm hoping to do a similar thing with mine in the coming year...Hopefully I can convince Chiu to sell them >.>! Marc Ellerby's Ellerbisms can be found here.

Adam Cadwell

I also met this guy at Thought Bubble (you really should go because you'd be surprised how many people even a social retard like myself manages to meet). I didn't really chat as much but I did buy one of his little comics (because they were £1) which was printed on really nice comics. Again pretty standard diary format, a strip done about the days on his life. Again black and white...and can be found here The Everyday
5min rough sketches
not finished but i thought of posting them before doing more sketches n move on doing more final n polished output.

the idea is to have nice pattern-ish pics that flow backwards to places i have been
more like visual diary (?)
any opinions on it?

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Draw Every Day!

I've started my own blog-project thing called draw every day, here which is totally shamelessly stealing Jess's idea I mean INSPIRED by Jess's idea. IE a daily comic.

Please come and follow it!

First two posts:

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Rulers & Guides

if you're not already using the inDesign rulers and guides to help you with your frames (if you use them) and you want to learn how, I can show you this Wednesday coming! There is an easy and accurate way to do this :)

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ink Soup second edition looks the business!

Second print edition of Ink Soup issue one looks so good that I plan to take this to Mario and ask for more support, financial and verbal - Katie's double page spread could almost double as a poster - I hope you are all busy working towards INK SOUP 2, as we may try and print with another paper, and try things like a smaller book within the larger one - always good fun exploring production, and giving Murray more headaches to boot. Finally, a very big thanks to Murray, for the great print production management!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ink Soup Edition 2- feedback on sample print

Ok, so i'm back from my trip to Service Point, and alas its not overly optimistic:

For starters, they won't crop all the copies, as the machine they use to crop is an industrial cropper, which they used last time, but to get it as exact as we want they can't do as it will be too time consuming, which means we'll have to crop ourselves?

Second, The white line problem, the good news is we don't have the white line inside except over Katie's first spread and on the spine, the bad news is that there is no easy way to get rid of this problem, the reason it is happening is because of printing the pdf in single page format, which is the only way to print as a booklet on pdf as printing as spreads on pdf doesnt work, which incidentally would get rid of the white lines. Apologies to chiu at this point as going back to our old argument of pdf printing i now understand what you meant having to paginate manually as the only way to print in pdf spread form is to manually sort out the order.

I'll Show the sample tomorrow, but the compromise i considered is that personally the white line on the spine isnt heavily obvious, so ignoring that, because katies page which is affected is in the middle we can jus print that seperately as an A3 spread and then just slot it back in?

The good news is they did print on the other news print esque paper, and it does look very nice, bar printing it oddly (They got confused and first printed it as a booklet in A5, then when i explained i wanted it A4 they printed A4 sheets but didnt double print it...sigh) so will get opinions on whoever is around tomorrow on that as at least have work printed on it!

Sorry this is all so late and i'm writing this all now, but wanted to get my thoughts out asap while its still fresh- ohh another minor point they don't want any reference to service point as because i've not being paying full price they don't want it being well known- fair point!!

Its not disasterous, but annoying in terms of trying to get it looking more professional, ill wait to discuss tomorrow and then try and do all i can based on the decisions we make,



The Confessions of Robert Crumb

Watch The Confessions of Robert Crumb [Part 1] in How to Videos, Entertainment Videos, and Travel Videos  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

a good friend let me have the whole movie, if you want it bring a memory stick!

ink soup pdf

Here's a PDF of the second edition - I still couldn't manage page numbers but may do tomorrow, after Murray brings the final sample back! Anyone who wants to modify their work needs to come and look, otherwise, I will do all the adjusting!

*** ink soup PDF ***

suggestions for improvement on back spread page welcome!

Friday, 5 December 2008

daily strip

I found jess's daily strips so inspirational that I thought I'd have a try

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Covers to excite

I love these old horror comic covers! Was watching the movie Jess posted up the other day, and couldn't stop myself hunting these down:


Ink Soup Updates

ANTHOLOGY 1 second edition pending:

Debbie new sixth page - Done!

Katie Coulston - Done! with a double page spread!

Mr Dee - re-touched (by myself) and Done!

The Brothers - would you like to re-draw it Jess? Just an opportunity?

Johan - waiting for four pages - can you yousendit to me!

Milan You have spelling and grammatical mistakes which I would like you to change!

Murray - Done!

Ed - where are you, or rather where's that missing panel

Chiu - Done!

Lastly, I am looking forward to preparing ANTHOLOGY 2

and hoping that Roo & another ex MA student, Matt Broersma might have something which they could submit?
and the best of the rest for either of the two following themes:

Post Xmas Stress Disorder
minimum 2 pages A4 portrait, maximum four pages portrait - please work larger on A3 if the work looks better reduced!

Thanks for your time and effort!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Comic Book Confidential

I found this when I was looking for lazy ways to research for my dissertation (watching something being considerably easier than having to read >.>). I then found it on veoh (an annoying player thing that makes you download it)

Comic Book Confidential on veoh.

I've since downloaded it and would recommend people watching it...Its essentially just alot of interviews with comic book greats. I expected it to be lame, with the focus mainly on marvel and dc and such but it was actually really informative, with big names like Art Spiegelman (talking about Raw, as well as maus), Charles Burns, Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar, Stan Lee, Sue Coe, Lynda Barry etc etc. It has alot of them explaining what they did, why they did it and also reading from their own work as well as a bit at the beginning talking about the comic code, the rise of comics and the general history of the medium.

If anyone wants it, they can give me a CD and I'll burn it for you!

I also watched American Splendour this weekend which was a really interesting film...Not a cliched making of a comic book...It has the real Harvey Pekar narrating and parts of the comic come into the films...I'd recommend it...I also have that if anyones interested!

Something to think about

When starting off in comics it seems fairly natural to stick to a horizontal/vertical layout of panels (if you use them), but have a look at this analysis of a few Akira pages, where the artist has used the angling of the panels to accentuate action, perspective, character gaze - more or less the whole feel of the action.

Just thought it might be an interesting aspect think about having played a bit with angled/non grid panel layouts in Shatterface.

Panel transitions discussed

Ever since reading Scott McCloud's chapter on panel transitions - blood in the gutter, I have had my doubts about the way he conveniently compartmentalizes his definitions - I think the following article is a very interesting analysis of where to move on in part!


first roughs

hey guys
long time no seen!! i love it here in thailand but feel sort of left out from what s happening in uk and missing this whole thing :( ow well..i ve done some work for my graphic(short) story. a bit irrelevant with you ( sniff sniff ) but i d love your opinion on it.


Altenative Press Fair 1st February

Hi people! We plan to attend this event! I have paid for a table, and would like ink-soup issues 1&2, make-us-money, and the ABC zine and cheap book section to be represented. I need help however, with someone manning and selling our work (an enthusiastic, organized, and friendly soul, who is willing to sell their own as well as other people's work - you will be briefed and your train fare will be paid for)

If there are no takers then we will have to pull out of this event, as I am hoping to attend Angouleme at the same time! And will report back to you on this event!!!

Friday, 28 November 2008

New Project (I love never having any time to breath!)

I started to do a comic book diary of sorts. Don't worry its not me confessing horrible dark secrets or anything...and I swear that chiuhuha isn't you Chiu >.>....They are really shoddy roughs because I do each one in like 10 minutes...I plan to redraw the ones I like the most so they don't look retarded.


Ps. I totally can't draw myself!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

INK-SOUP almost sold out!

Can't believe it! They are selling super fast!!

This means two things!

We re-print issue one, with modifications that we discussed

Katie Coulton, Johan Hioe, Ed Homer and Murray Somerville! Can you see me please!!

For all those who bought issue one, and are aspiring to get their work in issue two, the deadline is Mid January, but the fumetto deadline is 5th January - link these together, and your made! Don't forget to check previous winners section!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fumetto Competition deadline 5th January! Reminder

I'd like to do something about for the last four weeks you have for illustration, and allow some students to focus on another competition brief instead of animation:


English translation on pdf the deadline is 5th January 2009

L5 students may do this for a third project instead of animation if they are interested,



Saturday, 22 November 2008

Issue Two deadline Mid January!

Two Themes!

Virus & Post Christmas stress disorder! We may do a two in one comic - small size comic inside a bigger one

For the alternative book fair that I was invited to in London on the first of February 2009 - a Sunday!

I have asked for two spaces and anyone interested in selling their own work can do so alongside the anthology - I will sell it for you, but you should pay careful attention to the previous two posts

anyone interested??

Need to do - comparative reflection

Although Jess did do this after the Manchester Artist Book Fair, we all really need to translate this into the next output of work:

After comparative analysis of the work that was being sold - And believe me, there was work being sold at cheaper or the same price, but more professionally, the following steps should be taken.

  • A sample of the Artwork will be produced by all submitting work, and modifications will be made accordingly by us or preferably by the artist - example of how poorly this was done - Johan's work was lost in print and in size, so was Katie's - both of who's work is of exceptional quality, but reproduced not as well as could be - Milan, is either very jammy, or he could teach us a lesson or two, as his work reproduces beautifully, as did Ed's - (though Ed, I could have killed you for leaving that space!!)
  • Production quality needs to be tighter - Indesign process should not be a by eye composing job, but should follow guides and grids rigidly - I know by my own experience how printers are unforgiving with our mistakes - to tight a deadline was mostly to blame for this.
  • I spent hours the night before having to get up really early cutting 20, then ten on the train down, and then a final ten more in the British Museum of these books, all because of sloppy production management at service point (thanks Murray) and the attitude that "It will do, needs to go with it"
  • We should make accompanying promo material - and I will buy some book stands - though it didn't help the guy next door
Finally, I honestly think we will sell much better either in uni or locally, as I think you shouldn't discount the student market - there is no reason why we don't have a table selling our anthology to BIAD students!

And double finally, I know Jess, Debbie, Sarah and Murray have been around some of these fairs, but all of you should take a much more serious look at your competitors and the quality of their work:
  • Be open, be curious! Ask questions, be thankful! Most people are willing to share loads of knowledge
Again thanks to everyone! If you think you can sell ink soup come and see me, and I will be collecting money off you anyway!!

COMICA - a post event reflection

Don't be disappointed - only three issues of Ink Soup sold - (one to a close relative, erhm!) Around the tables someone had been going round checking, and rumor has it that the average was around 3 books sold.

Again Lessons to learn:
  • Two types of books sold:
  1. exquisite and finely drawn - Roo again sold four books and 4 sets of postcards
  2. concept driven, either around narrative structure or book construction, these types sold very well
  • Ink Soup in the wrong market - comica event was surprisingly filled more with handmade goodies, the two blokes next to me sold very little, though their work was professional, but not 1 or 2 (see above)
  • Pound books sell! - 31 in all!
  • Need to know when to be enthusiastic about the work - In the future I need more info about the books - more business cards and free stuff you wish to give alongside work
  • I packaged and sold all of my raaas and smoking eyebrows (only took 5 of each), I packaged Johan's as well, and sold one, but wished I could have talked about his story!
  • Interesting constructions do sell - the chiufold (only four books) sold out early on
Comica as an event was a fun experience for me, and very cheap table rent. As a venue for selling, it wasn't ideal as we were high up in the upper gallery, and the only signage was a feeble A4 poster on the stairs below the upper gallery - very poor signage promotion!

Lots of student work, with cheerful souls plying their goods - Isabel Greenberg's work was beautiful, Sarah Lynch bought some of her work in Leeds! I considered it seriously but was put off by the artist's indiffernce and almost obnoxious atitude towards buyers - Although I would like to sell my own work, that's not the resson for striking up a conversation, and I often just chatted to people to find out about who they were.
Some lovely packaging ideas, but the way to go is definitely to sell a selection of goods as opposed to just one idea - still, this person's artwork is real quality!
London underground comics later on didn't seem too happy! Having a whole table I'm not sure if they even covered their costs?
Our table really was a quarter table - though about half way through the guy on the far left (not there in the picture) left and we all spread ourselves over

The Good News! I took Ink Soup to Orbital comics shop in London, and the owner was pleased to sell are anthology after they move to new premises in the new year, so that shows promise!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Here they are!!

Well done! to all who contributed, but especially to Jess, Debbie & Murray!

The great thing about this anthology is that there is enough variety to pull a wider range of readers!

The product is not perfect, cut not to the bleed, cover with a white line down the spine, and some lines in the gutters of some pages. These issues can be solved in the next batch, as I do think we will be needing to print a second run!

Cost was only 40 pounds owing to a bit of eye fluttering by Murray! Must be that time of the evening?

Anyhow down to 48 copies - one to Murray, one damaged by attempting to cut edges - I won't bother with the rest, and will try selling them as is, as the content is well worth it

cost price 3 pounds base price 2 - table cost 8 pounds! cost to contributors will be worked out after selling... Hopefully you will all get copies free - though I'd like to put all profit towards next event

Selling the anthology online...?

My friend is bugging me to buy one and advertising the thing on his blog but he was on about selling things online...Alot of people do it, like that Blackcatpress place...I think you can do it with paypal...Or am I just aiming too high now :P?

The Anthology

Looks amazing! Providing the printing goes well and we don't end up with like 50 duds >.>...it will be immense. Special thanks to Debbie for her tireless efforts in sorting everything and actually creating the anthology and to Murray for all his work with the printing side (which is still going on but still XP). And thank you Chiu for all your abuse...it does produce good results in the end! Well done for all those who submitted and got in, better luck next time for those who were too late/didn't fit the feel of the anthology. We're already planning Issue 2: Virus now...We may extend it or such in page length...but lets see how this goes first!

I'll post up the finished cover once I've eaten!

Again, thanks to all involved and lets hope Chiu can flog them! (and they get printed >.>!)


PS. we now also have an official email- inksoup@hotmail.com...Chiu, Debbie and I can access it so if anyone has any enquiries or something (someone outside of the blog I mean) feel free to direct them there!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Picture Book: Now We Are Growing Up


We've been recommending this to people on Eat My Drawing but the final episode in the series is actually useful for Graphic Novelists I think, especially towards the end because it talks about how books for children are heading increasingly in that direction (because all kids have no attention span and need constant pictures >.>). One particular example of this is The Savage by a very Geordie writer David Almond and famously comicy Dave Mckean...It looks amazing and Shirley Hughes talks about how this might be the new thing in childrens books...not quite a graphic novel (no speech bubbles...although I wouldn't say graphic novels need them...), not quite a prose book...The art is really great, very cinematic...I'm gonna try and get my grubby mits on a copy!

Bought train ticket for Saturday Event

sorry silly times 7.35 am morning, get to London 10 something. Means I get to go round London, before having to get to the ICA at 13:00


Well well well, guess who just printed out our sample from service point completely paginated from a pdf? Lol not to say i know exactly how they did it, but the point is i was successful, so i have two samples now printed on standard and a slighty slicker, but pretty much the same paper. (was the only types they did)

The results are good, some people's work comes out better than others but overall the printing quality is good i would say, but i'll let the commitee judge properly tomorrow as i'm knackered/losing my mind and may now be being biased? But the best part is we know now we can def print out from exporting our indesign to pdf no problem, so yeaaaa! that means we have to just get everyones work now put together! And i've nearly finished my graphic novel so dear i say it but im feeling optimistic!

and yes.....i am the man
have you got mine? my laptop is being rubbish! so annoying! I created a new email to send them have they reached you? thanks daisy x

Where the Smeg is your work!!!?

So far we've recieved work from:


.......and we're making of the test sample today so um.....hmmm? If you want to be included in this anthology you need to send your work to debbie/chiu asap through yousendit! Unless you have a really good reason for not getting it in today you shall not be included, "well we're going to get married on top of a mountain, AND YOU WON'T BE INVITED!" anchor man jokes aside, please, please if you do want to be involved you have to get your work to us now because we're paginating the anthology and it will ruin numbers/layout if you hand in stuff late and will be forced to cast you away.


None of my files are sending ... think they're too enormous. I'll have to bring my laptop in - what time are we all meeting and where?
:) Kt.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

second cover idea: ink soup propaganda

based on:

Test Print it A4 YOURSELVES

Hi Anthologists! Don't wait to test print for scale issues! Do it yourself, and see: if the text is still legible; the details have not been lost; and that the composition holds at reduced size - Then if you have problems, you have time to modify!

I have spent this evening modifying my second page, because after printing and putting it on the web, I can see more objectively design issues! I consider printing and web publishing an excellent method of accelerated critical learning - when it is placed in professional fromat it is easier to distance yourself from the personal responses to your work, and hopefully have the same expectations that you would have on when you purchase another persons art work.

more on bleeds

more on bleeds - do not work to the edges - for those of you who have, such as myself we will make either a black or white border such as the following - note that we may add some space on the side of the gutter so that the artwork doesn't feel likes it's slipping into the middle fold! In this case this is the second page, so the gutter (middle fold) is on the left

Another Cover....o.o

I had complaints that the other one was stupidly simple...which it was...this is my attempt to be abit less so. I'm trying to colour it at the moment but I don't have Photoshop CS3...so my computer is going 'gneerr' and its generally difficult o.<

Here's somthing I'm playing around with in photoshop but I'm conscious this much black might photocopy horribly...I like it...its just...very black o.o Might attempt to make the background white and keep the octopus black... Like below but better...just having problems with old program...

or using textures...this is a rough obviously...because photoshop 7 isnt so good for this...I like the idea of giving the octopus texture...but I'd need to do that on the comp at uni!

Send us things!

After talking with Chiu/Jess/Lee

Can people please start sending me and chiu your final, ready images for print.


tiff format
NO bleeds (ie centre/double page spreads)
set up for portrait, A4 aspect ratio

We're going to need these ready for tomorrow really so we can get down to Service point and get a prototype printed off.

My email is Debbie.Lambert@gmail.com and chiu can be reached at his uni account (chiu.man@bcu.ac.uk) for sending large files ONLY use: Yousendit

Anyone who hasn't sent it by tomorrow morning won't be included, we need to get the contents, layouts and everything sorted or this whole thing will fall apart!

Monday, 17 November 2008

happy to help with jobs

im not so confident with finances as I havnt a head for numbers, but i could try if your desperate for a costs organizer.
I can help with putting everything in order, or just as a back up second opinion kinda person, if you need me too. Im more than happy to go to sevice point with you to ask them how we can print it/put it together on wednesday or thursday night if you like.
let me know thanks daisy x

Vote For Your Cover

All accepted contributors are allowed to vote for a cover - you are not allowed to vote for your own!!

send me a personal email if you want to vote anonymously:

covers so far (look below for images)

ink soup idea

Really didn't have time to do this ... but I started drawing it anyway, so here's an idea for the front cover.
(names of contributers to go on sketchbook at top)

Now I'm going to get on with work!
:) Katie

Cover Design Part 2

This is the full front and back illustration for the cover (maybe XP). It need redoing partly because the original is A3 and I could use the A3 scanner and partly because I used pencil, not pen so the edges are very rough...if you click to make it big you'll see XP! But that's what I was thinking of when I drew the sketch last night!

Delegation of ink soup jobs!

What we need:

head editor - chiu (says what gets in)
assistant editor - ? (checks everything in order)
proof readers X 2 - Debbie & Jess (checks for spelling and grammar)
layout designer x 2 - Debbie + ? (sorts out format of magazine!)
Production manager - Murray (the leg work for production)
Production assistant for print preparation - chiu (will help prepare artwork - help with scanning and modifying work for print)
Financial officer - ? (needs to cost, keep and collect finances)

Did I leave any jobs out??

so far only:


(if the jobs don't get filled - you may not get your work printed!)

Cover Design/encouragement

Glad to see cover designs have been put up, we need both a back and front so the fact we have a few choices, both from cherry and jess (and now myself) is wicked, would love it if more people put any other submissions up, although understandably everyones busy finishing their graphic novels, but the more choice the better range there is to choose from, I'm going to give it til tomorrow for people to put any other cover designs up and then we'll put a quick vote out to who wants what, as don't want the cover being a hassle...lol of course if no-one does i'll have the last say, so haha apologies in advance :P 
Anyway heres mine, remember as well to get any queries to me at spineshank_rock87@hotmail.com, i'll be checking it regularly so will get back to you asap! Also going to service point in abit, so will have details regarding several different issues including paper and price posted later this evening! I know we've all been slogging at this for the last 4weeks and everyones probably exhausted with graphic novel now, but if we pull this off it will look bad-ass! 


cover design. mwahahaha.

hope its not too greedy to try get my character on the cover

story page 2

Page TWO of my unfinished & unpolished story ... This is the part where she sneezes a seed into her handkercheif and plants it in the allotment.

Had problems scanning in and getting the paper to be all the same tones ... how do u do that in photoshop?
:) katie
here is my short comic story. the ending is yet to come

winners and runner ups to the observer graphic short story

winners and runner ups to the observer graphic short story
Ben's first page - second page will not be ready for next Wednesday's deadline

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Ink Soup Cover Design

This is the design I came up with for the anthology. Obviously it'd either be coloured, if we're having colour or blacked in if its just black and white...this is just to show the layout and concept. I went abit literal (when don't I?) with an octopus eating a bowl of its own ink. The space either side of the octopus were intended to have the artists names but I didn't know who was participating so I left it out for now. Lemme know what you think...and Chiu you could always print it out and show it to the meeting for their opinions/slating!


Graphic Short Story

My Graphic short story was drawn by hand and assembled on photoshop. 
I will add colour to it this week just to let you know, my computer crashed and died on friday eve so It put me back  a bit in work, its very sad. 
I also want to add a sort of boarder around the edge to tidy it up a little adding in other characters more creatures with different electrical heads, to suggest a series of stories. This project has really challenged me and forced me to develop a personal style of drawing and working. I'm not absolutely happy with the out come, I believe there is lots of room for improvement. I want to change some of the text to make it funny, and I wasn't sure about making it more adult by adding sware words? I'm not sure if I'm brave enough. 
Also the ending I have done, wasn't my original idea, maybe I ran out of steam, I was going to make it gory at the end when the man gets annoyed with the singing stereo dog and kills him or himself...
Oh well, I will stop ranting.