Monday, 11 October 2010

Draft Script page 1 and 2

Godman Meets Aphrodites

Introduction - Godman is introduced to the beautiful Aphrodites, daughter of Uranus.

Activating Agent - Godman falls in love with Aphrodites.

Rise in Conflict - Aphrodites has no interest in Godman and goes out with Adonis who has the hots for Godman.

Climax - Adonis tries it on with Godman to no avail. Godman tells Aphrodites he loves her and Adonis cannot.

Resoloution - Godman gets the girl and Adonis falls for Cupids bow!

Scene 1 Godman Meets Aphrodites.

Page 1
The scene begins in the beautiful setting of Ancient Greece. Everybody is wearing togas and ancient greek jewelry. The first scene is set in Cyprus just off a cliff looking over the sea, the weather is almost like paradise. There are two men , Godman (our hero) and Uranus (camp as christmas and father to Aphrodites) and one woman, Aphrodites (a very beautiful woman) standing together...
Panel 1: Establishing shot of setting and characters Width of page height of one panel.
Godman - Hey Uranus!
Panel 2: Uranus looks behind as a gust of wind blows up his toga showing his butt. Godman looks on in shock.
Panel 3 -Uranus looks at sky while pulling his toga down embarrased.
Uranus - Oopsiee! Shouldn't stand so close to this cliff, Hello Godman!
Panel 4 - Uranus reveals his daughter Aphrodites, a beautiful looking woman in her 20's, wearing a drape covering her nakedness with one hand on her breast (she is always in the same classic pose of Aphrodites). Flowers flourish by her appearance alone and birds sing.
U - Have you met my daughter, Aphrodites...?.

Page 2
Panel 1: Godman and Aphrodite have a one to one. Godman in mesmerized by Aphrodites beauty...
G - Is she?
Panel 2: Uranus gives an all knowing look while shrugging:
U - Naked? Yes we all are, It's ancient times you know?
Panel 3: Godman stares while pointing at the hand on Aphrodites left boob:
G - Why do you have one hand on your boob like that?
Panel 4: Godman attempts to remove her hand from her boob, Aphrodite looks down slightly shocked slightly annoyed.
Panel 5 : Close up of Godmans hand peeling away Aphrodites hand to reveal...
Panel 6: Pan out as Godman is violently slapped around the face:
G - owww!
Panel 7: Godman faints and falls into a dream...

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