Thursday, 7 October 2010

This is a rough layout and design of the first page to my graphic novel, its a bit on the shaky side, and im sorry about that.

page 1

Panel 1 a boy standing alone in his local woodlands, next to the river, his foot placed on a rock, crying beacuse his lonely. Devils are appearing around him watching and listening

Narrator Once upon a time there was a boy... This boy was very lonely and at Devils Creek he made a wish for a friend ...

Panel 2 Devils think its an intresting opportunity to cause some mischief, so they begin to make the boy a friend

Narrator The devils heard his wish

Panel 3 Devils are carrying the gift that they have made for the boy, the biggest devil cant cope with carrying the gift so is lying on top of the object, while the other devils are hard at work. Two of them are pulling the object upwards and one of them is trying to push it upwards.

Narrator On the boys eighth birthday the devils came with a gift

Devil one If youre not going to help go home

Devil two too heavy

Panel 4 One devil pushs on the boys top to make him turn, the other devil calls to him to make him face the right way

Devil one turn around Jonathan Peter's

i really want to add stupid boy to the last devils quote

a really rough draft of page one, i want to try a few more designs, this is the best one so far, but i think a lot needs changing to be honest, i wanted to create a build up for the next page, but in doing so i think ive cramed in alot in the first page, so i might spead this page between 2, and show abit more development, like how the boy made the wish ect, ill reupload them when i have figured out which approach is best.

i typed this up on word yesterday, then i copied it here, i didnt understand why it said error Html, i was confussed, it took me a while to figure out what i did wrong, sorry about that, i feel so stupid, anyway ill upload progress later today


saint said...

i want to read more of this love the idea :) the demon scktches are cool very differnt to the way i've done them and seen them done befor kinda cute but evil vibe.

Chiu said...

Good rough sketch which should indicate what you need to work on in terms of figure studies - I presume some of your visual comparative research will be manga?

darkenight21 said...

theres a couple of artists that i'll be looking at that are manga artists, because i find it very inspiring, but i am also looking at a comic called teddy scares, which has been published by my chosen brief, ive ordered them from the net so they should come by next week so i can studt them better first hand, ive ordered a couple more from my chosen publisher so i can have a better understanding what there looking for. would you like me to upload my figure studies for this project?

Chiu said...

Hi Darkenight21 don't upload your figure studies, just bring them in next Tuesday - plus I'm glad you've gone to the trouble of ordering books by the publisher that you would like to submit your work to