Wednesday, 6 October 2010

..hey everyone i will do the observer and here is my skript :

I have done a rough script so i can draw the characters and the backgrounds they are going to be in but this is what the story is. A 20 year old guy is in love with a girl for a year now and despite his countless efforts to go out with her she keeps turning him down by saying she just wants to be friends. he has moved to England for studies and as he is thinking of her she calls him to tell him that is going to come and visit him. what he doesn’t know is that she just wants a place to stay so she can go to her boyfriend the next day..XD :

· Lying in bed and thinking of the girl

· The phone rings and it’s her!!

· Amazed picking up the phone “hello!?! ” (close up on his face)

· “Hey i am coming to visit you tonight! Can you come at the airport and pick me up!? ”

· “Yeah of course!!Just tell me the time and i will be there!!!”

· The scene changes and he is going to the airport by taxi

· Close up on her face and she is smoking

· “i thought you quit that!”

· “Does it matter!?”

· “No no!!!do whatever you want”

· Back into his room with her searching into her bags and him saying to her : “you can unpack wherever you wand to”

· “No its ok i will unpack tomorrow. i just want to sleep because i am tired. “

· She is getting to bed and he pissed off now is leaving the room by slamming the door!!

· After midnight and she is sleeping into the bed and he is in his sleeping bug on the floor.

· Morning now he is in the kitchen making breakfast for her hoping her behaviour will chance

· She comes into the kitchen and as she sees what he has done she hugs him saying “thank you, you are so sweet”

· Close up on his happy now face he says “ its because i love you ”

· “ Well i love you too but probably not in the same way as you do”

· He goes into the bedroom and sees that she hasn’t unpacked at all.

· Rushes back to the kitchen only to see her talking to the phone saying “Yes i will be there in an hour don’t worry. He does whatever i want him to do”

· And then you see the headline of a newspaper that says TWO TWENTY YEAR OLD STUDENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND DEAD...

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Chiu said...

read the post of above yours!

Plus you need to do some serious drawing - What course did you come from?