Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Foundation Inspiration for my Narrative so far

Plight of an Artist

Produced and animated By Eric w Schwartz

Essentially this builds up to what you expect seems kind of cliché climax but I was confused and studded at the plot twist to this simple narrivte it gave me a cheap laugh and surprisingly a lot to work with.

Ignore fact its all anthropomorphic DA like characters. I see a lot of nostalgic value here with the story. most of us at some point in our lives have worked hard on a piece of work for hours only to have technology switch off on us causing chaos and frustration with no logical Explanation.

I debate whether this will be the overall theme for my Script but it’s a start.

The bird is a lie I never expected that to be honest

This is why I think it's got so potential just cause of the simple story but could be interpreted   in a whole arrange of media themes styles endless opportunities. Next step is to start thumbnails and putting both elements of this animation and my script in to some seeable material for the story so far.

1 comment:

Chiu said...

I like the fact that you chose an animation as a starting point for your own script.

Be careful, because you wrote what "seems kind of cliché climax". Well I hate to tell you, but it is a real cliche climax, and not one that is particularly thought provoking either !
But still we shall see what you come up with