Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My Style reference

I needed to find a particular style or genre to use for this project so it can relate to my own 

Visual language. 

I always had a inseparable relationship with for humored cartoon comics like the Beano, Dandy even The buster 

Annuals. B
ut Rene Goscinny and Albert Uderzo’s classic Asterix gave me such a satisfactory giggle every time I observed the illustrations and dialog in depth. The use of pop, cultural historical events and art during the era made me think roman history to be a lot more lighthearted . \

Sheer expression on the characters faces and body fluid language just made this series for meremorable and me so nostalgic as well. 

The standard moment to moment three panels on an early Asterix page i got a cheap laugh out of like this bottom strip. Not only from the jinxed conservation but the Frustrated reaction of the centurion. I appreciate and relate to these sort of stylized emotions more than the traditional Marvel DC realism. 

I understand when something inspires when i subtly pay tribute to an emotion or action in one of my own thumbnails that just caught my eye and reminded me of the symbolism of my. personal opinion of great cartoons.  

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Chiu said...

all I can say is separate like, enjoy and memories with What you WANT & CAN DO PROFESSIONALLY for this six week project - STAY FOCUSED or your work could end up mediocre