Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Research into Styles

Robert Crumb

R. Crumb - Mr.Natural is a comic based on an oracle and his follower.
His style is cartoony but with excessive detail. Humorous storytelling and sexy girls.
The panel lines appear to be hand-drawn to give an autobiographic quality. Robert Crumb used comics to express his dark sexual ideas and fantasies.

Viz Comics

Henry Eudy

Henry Eudy uses humour in comics and often clashes two ideas for a funny result.
In 'Crappies' he gives a goldfish the dreams of a human, while the other goldfish dreams of 'worms'.
Henry uses a pentel brush pen and his style is simple, friendly and effective.

William Blake
William Blake's style is spiritual, this is achieved with a combination of anatomical poses, expressions and use of colour. Watercolour and ink are his mediums of choice. He printed out the same book in different print runs often getting several copies of the artwork with slight differences in the print.

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