Monday, 11 October 2010

rough out script pages

Page rough outs very basic idea


boy makes a wish at devils creek for a friend, the devils hear his wish and they think it’s the perfect chance for some mischief and start making him a little gift they take the gift to him.


the boy turns and finds the gift and goes to it


the boy picks it up and hugs it tightly, the gift gives a evil grin cuts off,


showing the location of the story, boy sits with gift at dinner table mother cooks in kitchen, gift turns to boy and tells him to throw food at his mother


splat mother is hit with food turns around, and yells at boy boy tries to tell her about the gift, but thinks his lying because it’s a toy


boy walks down road, gift tells him to smash a car window, the boy picks up rock and then drops it


smash the cars windows broken, owner comes out and chases boy


boy gets home, mother finds out, boy in trouble

Page 9

gift tells boy to get rid of her boy squirms and protests and fights the idea


gift takes it into his own hand and attempts the assassination boy and mother shocked


boy fights gift


boy fights gift mom grabs frying pan hits gift


bear hits floor and goes to move when bam his hit again


boy grabs bag mom grabs the gift ties it up puts in bag


fast diving to devils creek out of car mom holds bag out and sets alight and drops it into the creek

Page16 bag vanish mom turns hugs her boy devils reappear and find the out come amusing

The end

I find it helpful to rough the pages out first this is a very rough idea page one has been scirpted basic breaking down a story i think it needs more excitement its based of ape entertainments ive been studying two comics from this publisher there stories are simple and easy to understand im just affaid this idea is to simple

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