Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Summer Project

I deviated away from the actual brief, but I think I incorporated some of the tasks that were asked of us within the summer project within this. This was a bit of an experiement in terms of style, it's more cartoony than what I tend to do, but it was a lot of fun, and it's something I plan to continue working on during my spare time. The pages are unfinished, I've yet to decide whether to colour them or use screentones. And I still need to find a suitable font for the lettering.


Chiu said...

I really did like this, lots of fun and some really panache in the drawings - I'm eager to see the originals when you bring them in, I can see these being digitally coloured!

And of course, as you already mentioned, you need a font

great work!

Jyoanne Betts said...

Thanks. I can bring them in on Tuesday. The only thing is (and I feel incredibly unprofessional admitting this) is that I actually have never worked with ink and pencils separately. I always go over the pencils with ink, which is completely stupid, I just never really realized it until recently. I'll bring them in though.

Thanks for the advice on how to finish, I think digital colour will work well too.