Thursday, 30 September 2010

I think ive sorted my images out a little and made them a lot easier to view:)
As im new to blogger i dont know how to edit old posts, (or if this is even possible) so im reposting my summer images.


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ture Drunks comic

Darn now I think about it I should have used this awesome animated comic by Vincent Giard for my drinks project oh well.

 This is both disturbing but innocent with the expression of contrasting colors with the sketchy linear but it gives the piece so much more life than it been a flat traditional image thought I would share it.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

73 places to get your illustration work seen

I found this site the other day. Doesn't really include comic books but useful all the same.

99 ways to tell a story

highlights from my tell a story 6 different ways

99 ways to tell a story

highlights from my 6 different ways to tell a story the figure are supposed to look a little monsterous as thats what i was aiming for as anyone whos ever seen people ploting revenge in a bar will tell you the people tend to look a little scary

99 ways to tell a story

hilights from my tell a story 6 different ways

blood in the gutter aspect to aspect

some more detailed scenery

blood in the gutter action to action

more experimental work useing animals as the main study quite slap stick style not something ive tryed before

summer project blood in the gutter moment to moment

part of my summer project from the blood in the gutter section for movement to movement bit of a sin city vibe to it experimental style more block colour shapes as opposed to intricate detailing.