Tuesday, 5 October 2010

For my brief i have decided to opt for The Observer and come up with one of my own scripts.

To do this I researched some of the past entries and non entries to gain an idea of what The Observer could want. I did, however find that the funnier the comic was to me, the more I felt attached to it. Maybe this was naivety on my part because the only comics I read are longer,more drawn out feel good comics and as I write this to you now I have already decided to slightly change what I've done so far. Saying that, a man has to post.........

I found a story covered by The Guardian from 2 months ago about a '9 day long traffic jam'!!

That's right check it out here:-


Quoted as the world's worst. It happened in China on the Beijing-Tibet expressway. As you can imagine it was absolute carnage. I thought it could be very a interesting story to narrate from almost any perspective. The event is such a rarity that the story tells itself, almost.

From the perspective of a Chinese businessman who unfortunately got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.
(Taken inspiration from Bill & Joyce by David Litchfield)

Chiu, this was the only way i could work out how to upload a document?? And yeah after our chat I have focussed more on what The Observer would want. Less about society more about the actual event itself... And this is rough I will draw more figuratively and realistic.


sidders said...

how do i make the images bigger chiu??

Chiu said...

you need to upload at a size of at least 900 px width - image size in photoshop - you do need to do this in your image editor and scan in at the right size as well, otherwise it's useless - will be pixelated

the blog will automatically make it a thumbnail, but when you click on the thumbnail it will take you to the larger picture

surely you have a friend in the group that can show you?