Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Where the Smeg is your work!!!?

So far we've recieved work from:


.......and we're making of the test sample today so um.....hmmm? If you want to be included in this anthology you need to send your work to debbie/chiu asap through yousendit! Unless you have a really good reason for not getting it in today you shall not be included, "well we're going to get married on top of a mountain, AND YOU WON'T BE INVITED!" anchor man jokes aside, please, please if you do want to be involved you have to get your work to us now because we're paginating the anthology and it will ruin numbers/layout if you hand in stuff late and will be forced to cast you away.


cherry said...

HOLY SHIt.D8 im almost done too. i thought the deadline was thursday. im almost done jus gota ink the ending! will later on today be ok?

cherry said...

OH NOES! How do i send multiple files on yousend it. iu have more then one page :(

myeyeisonfire said...

YES CHERRY!!!! SEND ONE FILE AT A TIME! you crazy nut!!

cherry said...

LOL i tried and it'd only let me send two and they sed id have to cough up for membership! lol
so am sending it u through sendspace. i dont have to pay and it lets me send em all at once mweeeeeeee! 8D

cherry said...

its all sent now one by one @ chuis email. hope u got it :(