Friday, 28 November 2008

New Project (I love never having any time to breath!)

I started to do a comic book diary of sorts. Don't worry its not me confessing horrible dark secrets or anything...and I swear that chiuhuha isn't you Chiu >.>....They are really shoddy roughs because I do each one in like 10 minutes...I plan to redraw the ones I like the most so they don't look retarded.

Ps. I totally can't draw myself!


myeyeisonfire said...

haaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahaahah! Loved it! Great idea! Finally found a voice! Don't try to polish your drawings to much - atually If I were you, I'd try to make the roughs the finish, i.e. move towards an inbetween of the stuff you published in ink soup, and the comic diary! I actually couldn't wait to read through all of them, and some of these characters and habits should return! The bacon with philly spread dreams!! With musclely men int he background - aren't you exposing your fantasies slightly?? hahahahahahahahahah!

great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haahahhahahahahah!!!!! Keep doing them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jess the Mess said...

No...the muscly guy is someone I live with XP! I think its getting abit more polished as I go along anyway...I'm really enjoying doing it so I won't stop xP

sleeping ugly ducklyn said...

heyy loved it cant wait to see the finished :)