Monday, 17 November 2008

Cover Design/encouragement

Glad to see cover designs have been put up, we need both a back and front so the fact we have a few choices, both from cherry and jess (and now myself) is wicked, would love it if more people put any other submissions up, although understandably everyones busy finishing their graphic novels, but the more choice the better range there is to choose from, I'm going to give it til tomorrow for people to put any other cover designs up and then we'll put a quick vote out to who wants what, as don't want the cover being a of course if no-one does i'll have the last say, so haha apologies in advance :P 
Anyway heres mine, remember as well to get any queries to me at, i'll be checking it regularly so will get back to you asap! Also going to service point in abit, so will have details regarding several different issues including paper and price posted later this evening! I know we've all been slogging at this for the last 4weeks and everyones probably exhausted with graphic novel now, but if we pull this off it will look bad-ass! 



myeyeisonfire said...

Can we have some front and back cover entries please - not separate mish mash different front and back joobbies!

murramah said...

Yea that's a good point, well i'll work on a follow on for a back to this one, but if would be cool also if someone followed theme from any of the drawings put up so far, so if someone wanted to carry on the theme of the cover i've made for the back, then it would be consistent but be by two people?

DeadMenDontBite said...

It might confuse people immensely if we had two people doing the back and the front...because there would be inconsistancies in style...maybe...I'm not sure >.> I'm gonna try to change mine to a full cover first once I'm done eating!

cherry said...

i agree it would look totally bad ass if we pull this off. :3

i really like this murry, i dont know about the boarder. it dosnt seem to reflect on the image, and not sure on the massive amount of negative space. maybe if it was more centered to the top so it wont look bottom heavy? but it may be me and my eyes.