Monday, 17 November 2008

Delegation of ink soup jobs!

What we need:

head editor - chiu (says what gets in)
assistant editor - ? (checks everything in order)
proof readers X 2 - Debbie & Jess (checks for spelling and grammar)
layout designer x 2 - Debbie + ? (sorts out format of magazine!)
Production manager - Murray (the leg work for production)
Production assistant for print preparation - chiu (will help prepare artwork - help with scanning and modifying work for print)
Financial officer - ? (needs to cost, keep and collect finances)

Did I leave any jobs out??

so far only:


(if the jobs don't get filled - you may not get your work printed!)


DeadMenDontBite said...

I can do editing and proof reading...I did an a level in english so when I actually focus I think I have a reasonably good grasp of spelling and grammer. The proof reading won't take long (since none of the work I've seen so far has a massive amount of words)...hence why I've volunteered for both! I'll have a finished cover done by tommorrow...I take it we're going for black and white?


Debbie Lambert said...

Yeah I can help with editing and proof reading as well, and I'm up for anything digital like prepping art after scanning.

cherry said...
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murramah said...

I'm not entirely sure what my role is, but i've been working away anyway, went to service point- I explained what we were doing, estimated 60pages as overall size, said we would come weds as well as thurs for the main printing, and found out the following:

It will cost 6p per black and white A4 double printed page

We have to supply our own paper if we want to use newsprint etc. - it also cant be too waxy or it ruins their printers

The A2 prints on diff paper was deemed probable but the guy wasnt certain, but i dont see why it would be a problem?

umm i don't think there was anything else- so decision to make tomorrow will be what paper we print it on?

DeadMenDontBite said...

I would guess Chiu might have some ideas there...I think we need something abit classier than standard white....maybe...I'm not good when it comes to printing o.o...We'll all be around tomorrow so we can make those decisions as a group tommorrow (or the wisest person can XP)