Sunday, 30 November 2008

Altenative Press Fair 1st February

Hi people! We plan to attend this event! I have paid for a table, and would like ink-soup issues 1&2, make-us-money, and the ABC zine and cheap book section to be represented. I need help however, with someone manning and selling our work (an enthusiastic, organized, and friendly soul, who is willing to sell their own as well as other people's work - you will be briefed and your train fare will be paid for)

If there are no takers then we will have to pull out of this event, as I am hoping to attend Angouleme at the same time! And will report back to you on this event!!!


Rosemary Knowles said...

I'd love to go! As I didn't get to the Manchester fair because of Flip I think I need the experience. I'd love to be the ambassador for ABC/Ink Soup/Make-Us-Money people's work, I think it'll be really exciting chatting to people about all our brilliant ideas and unique techniques :) Go BIAD!

myeyeisonfire said...

Thanks Rosemary! Will fill you in on all the details!