Saturday, 22 November 2008

Issue Two deadline Mid January!

Two Themes!

Virus & Post Christmas stress disorder! We may do a two in one comic - small size comic inside a bigger one

For the alternative book fair that I was invited to in London on the first of February 2009 - a Sunday!

I have asked for two spaces and anyone interested in selling their own work can do so alongside the anthology - I will sell it for you, but you should pay careful attention to the previous two posts

anyone interested??


Jess the Mess said...

I'm up for it (but then when aren't I O.o?)...Although we should bare in mind the 3rd years amongst us will be spazzing over dissertation hand in mid january XP The majority of us intend to enter furmetto, so our submissions to that can go to the anthology if nothing else!

Rosemary Knowles said...

I'm up for it too! I'll do the virus theme for the anthology and hopefully a series of cheap but quality books, possibly on tracing paper, and i'll package them all with some freebies!

Rosemary Knowles said...

It seems like everything's happening in January though!

Debbie Lambert said...

Definitely up for it! although the fair's on my birthday haha

Might also refine shatterface a bit and print off some to sell alongside. If I redid the final page (which looks pretty rough) and added some colour and finish, it could be saleable I reckon?

myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Debbie! If you re-did it to the quality of the magic paint brush, I think it would

we can discuss strategies Tuesday after the final workchecks