Thursday, 20 November 2008

Here they are!!

Well done! to all who contributed, but especially to Jess, Debbie & Murray!

The great thing about this anthology is that there is enough variety to pull a wider range of readers!

The product is not perfect, cut not to the bleed, cover with a white line down the spine, and some lines in the gutters of some pages. These issues can be solved in the next batch, as I do think we will be needing to print a second run!

Cost was only 40 pounds owing to a bit of eye fluttering by Murray! Must be that time of the evening?

Anyhow down to 48 copies - one to Murray, one damaged by attempting to cut edges - I won't bother with the rest, and will try selling them as is, as the content is well worth it

cost price 3 pounds base price 2 - table cost 8 pounds! cost to contributors will be worked out after selling... Hopefully you will all get copies free - though I'd like to put all profit towards next event


Jess the Mess said...

omg something I did sort of looks good! I did think they might get the line, since it was on the rough one...must be to do with pdfing or something...don't quite understand since the image didn't have a divide in it o.o...My friend Will will buy one for £3...I don't mind paying like £1 for my copy rather than just getting it free >.>...or...something like that. Anyway...good job Murray! it looks good considering it was made in like a week! Ramble ramble...yeh I think I need sleep o.o

myeyeisonfire said...

I put a spread up! as your cover really looks the biz!

Debbie Lambert said...

Woah looks better than I was expecting!

I think one or two of my londony friends might be coming to buy it on Saturday, I need to check.

cherry said...

that looks amazing. great job guys!! 8D
aww and am not in it :(

myeyeisonfire said...

We may have an xmas issue before virus one, if anyone is crazy enough??

Cherry, Ben and Daisy will all be in the next, and there should be more from other L5!

BTW, got those ultra sharp scalpel blades and trimming them down now - they look really now!!

Jess the Mess said...

-inserts a good in chius words- If you ruin them be it on your head! >.> I could go for a christmas know...I don't have anything better to dissertation...or macmillan work...>.>" I'm working on a story (that I plan to be long running with several issues) involving greek myths in modern I could have the first part of that done in a few weeks...and I don't mind helping with everything else like I did last time! I'm a glutton for stress/too much work apparently!

Debbie Lambert said...

How about we make a whole bunch of messed up xmassy stories and we could like set up a table at the front of the uni/the cafeteria and sell a few? got to be more interesting than all the fucking cake sales lol.

But of course that means people coming up with new stuff for xmas which might be pushing it?

Jess the Mess said...

>.> I could try...I do love this horrible pressure xP gets me ready for the real world! If we're going to do it we need a realistic deadline setting soonish...and not leave it until a week before like this time...We could aim to make for the end of uni...thats like...3 weeks away right o.o? That might be pushing it -coughs-

johan hioe said...

just want to say thank you for all the efforts, thank you Chiu ( because he's the tutor that's why mentioned first) ^_- DEbbie, Jess and Murray. cheers

ktc said...

Cool! it looks great I can't wait to see it in the flesh. Thanks to everyone for getting this up and running.
ps i would be up for a xmas thing if ppl want to do it :)

Milan said...

Wow the anthology looks quality! thank you to everyone who put so much effort into it. nice 1 jess that cover looks awesome! yeah the xmas edition sounds good... but im not sure if ill be able to get anything ready for it so soon, it would be a tight squeeze.

sleeping ugly ducklyn said...

heyyy how can i get a copy in my hands?
i really wona buy one :(