Sunday, 16 November 2008

Graphic Short Story

My Graphic short story was drawn by hand and assembled on photoshop. 
I will add colour to it this week just to let you know, my computer crashed and died on friday eve so It put me back  a bit in work, its very sad. 
I also want to add a sort of boarder around the edge to tidy it up a little adding in other characters more creatures with different electrical heads, to suggest a series of stories. This project has really challenged me and forced me to develop a personal style of drawing and working. I'm not absolutely happy with the out come, I believe there is lots of room for improvement. I want to change some of the text to make it funny, and I wasn't sure about making it more adult by adding sware words? I'm not sure if I'm brave enough. 
Also the ending I have done, wasn't my original idea, maybe I ran out of steam, I was going to make it gory at the end when the man gets annoyed with the singing stereo dog and kills him or himself...
Oh well, I will stop ranting. 


DeadMenDontBite said...

I really like your style here...The chaos of it sort of reminds me of some of Robert Crumbs work and it defiantely has that wacky, unconventional (thats my word of the day me thinks) feel to it. One thing I would say is the story is somewhat hard to have arrows that lead you through it but with the amount of pattern and such that goes on its hard to define the arrows from the rest of whats going on...Maybe if they were black, or a colour (Are you intending to colour the final thing? Because that would probably help define whats going on more) then it would sort that out. Other than that well done for braving the world of no panels...I find it frightening just thinking about it!


myeyeisonfire said...

I like it too! And I'm not too worried if the story is hard to follow - like mine, a footnote would change the perception - is that fair? can one do that? Yes! If your intention is not to be super clear through panel construction - look at the Bayeux Tapestry, they add notes!!

On a further point, I think you have gained a lot since you first started the project!

Daisy llama Whitehouse said...

Thanks for your helpful comments I feel alot happier about it now.
Im deffo going to add colour, the arrows in black sounds like a plan.
Maybe also make some images bigger they are being slightly over powered by the text I think.
Thanks muchly Daisy