Thursday, 27 November 2008

INK-SOUP almost sold out!

Can't believe it! They are selling super fast!!

This means two things!

We re-print issue one, with modifications that we discussed

Katie Coulton, Johan Hioe, Ed Homer and Murray Somerville! Can you see me please!!

For all those who bought issue one, and are aspiring to get their work in issue two, the deadline is Mid January, but the fumetto deadline is 5th January - link these together, and your made! Don't forget to check previous winners section!


Jess the Mess said...

Wow! Apparently those crappy posters worked XD! I was telling people to go and buy one on wednesday ^_^ It seems perhaps we should have all donated money...perhaps for the next issue we can do it (or for the reprint!).

Could you save me two >.>? If we're reprinting thats fine XP...Just know two people who want one!


myeyeisonfire said...

Will save two! I'm looking forward to a re-print!

murramah said...

Shit me you being serious!? i saw the poster today, but wow, we've sold that many? Won't be able to get to gosta til at least 4 tomorrow chiu, i'll come in if you're around, otherwise sorry will have to see you on monday? Is it about changes you want to my work or is it about the 10copies i bought off you? as have still got all of them packaged as haven't had time to sell them, but if they are selling fast and we're going to make more this could work well as i was planning to get a stall at gosta for a day in the next week or so and sell ink soup/zidane/anything else anyone might want to sell?

Sorry being cheeky and writing this all in one post, but are you saying we can do fumetto instead of animation, as i've done a 10sec animation, but to be honest would prefer to do fumetto as a project?

myeyeisonfire said...

YES Muray! You can do fumetto instead of animation as can everyone else - I want you lot to start having serious intetnions towards your fields of interest - forcing projects on you is not on my agenda - you have to do something, but I'd rather it be something which you are excited about

And yes I'd like you to re-arrange your panels to four pages, and make it consistent top to bottom!

Best chiu

murramah said...

Okay wicked i shall get working on my virus ideas straight away then! Condensing the pages into 4 shouldn't be a big problem, will try my best to do it by monday, and will discuss ink soup/reprint etc. on monday as well, unless its discussed here on ink soup over the weekend? Cheers!

Jess the Mess said...

Curse you second years and finding your focus already XP! Weren't the main reprinting issues..
a. The fact service point cut them badly and Chiu had to recut them all.
b. The extra white line on all of the pages because of dodgy aligning (mostly due to how rushed we were putting it together)
c. The fact the panels didn't line up with each other across seperate pages...I think maybe we all need to look into indesign too so there are more of us with atleast some knowledge and Debbie doesn't end up drowned in work >.>"

Debbie Lambert said...

Most of the fixing is mostly refining it seems although there's a few issues about getting a sense of unity- by which I mean, making sure panels line up, making sure there's no big white gaps, refining and getting rid of the other issues like the white line.

I have at least two interested people that want a copy each.

myeyeisonfire said...

I'll get fumetto briefs printed for monday too!