Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Send us things!

After talking with Chiu/Jess/Lee

Can people please start sending me and chiu your final, ready images for print.


tiff format
NO bleeds (ie centre/double page spreads)
set up for portrait, A4 aspect ratio

We're going to need these ready for tomorrow really so we can get down to Service point and get a prototype printed off.

My email is Debbie.Lambert@gmail.com and chiu can be reached at his uni account (chiu.man@bcu.ac.uk) for sending large files ONLY use: Yousendit

Anyone who hasn't sent it by tomorrow morning won't be included, we need to get the contents, layouts and everything sorted or this whole thing will fall apart!


Jess the Mess said...

I'll be in tommorrow to help sort the stuff and put it together for service point etc (i can take it to service point too, if you want me to because I live like 5 mins walk away from it). I'll bring it in on my memory stick, so that there are less emails to sort through...if thats ok?

ktc said...

Hi, I'm a bit confused about this no bleeds thing... Does that mean we have to put our images right up to the edge of the A4 document? or does it mean we have to crop the document to the edges of the images, meaning its slightly less than A4?

Complicated! :P

murramah said...

Just to reiterate that people need to at LEAST a page by tomorrow morning to be included in the anthology and that finished pages should be sent really no later than tomorrow evening, and thanks to debbie/jess/chiu for accepting everyones work/sorting that out!

Just to update on the production side we're printing at service point, atm out of convenience we're printing on standard cartridge paper on A3, which is 12p a sheet, so thats 12p per 4pages. We're doing a test tomorrow midday to make sure the printing quality is good enough, which again is why its ESSENTIAL to get at least a page to Debbie/chiu for tomorrow morning.

Debbie Lambert said...

About No bleeds-

what that means is that stuff acting as a double page spread will not work the way we're planning it right now, so keep the images as single page dealies rather than spreading over two. That make sense?

Jess the Mess said...

Yeh, we basically mean don't have anything that goes across the gutter between pages, keep everything to one sheet because if we have bleeds like that then it'll be impossible to put together and your work will either be taken out or will have to be resized/rejiggled by us and might not be to your liking!

myeyeisonfire said...

more on bleeds - do not work to the edges - for those of you who have, such as myself we will make either a black or white border!