Monday, 17 November 2008

Vote For Your Cover

All accepted contributors are allowed to vote for a cover - you are not allowed to vote for your own!!

send me a personal email if you want to vote anonymously:

covers so far (look below for images)


murramah said...

hmmm toughie but im gonna vote katies as i like neutral, serious take whilst the rest of us have took on a more humour cartoon take? Although it would obviously have to be in black and white, but i don't think it would take too much of the impact out....and yes it is my 21st birthday, lol and yes i am still up working on my graphic gotta love illustration eh? :P

cherry said...

hapy birthday murry!!

and naturally cuz i want the front cover ama vote for me! 8D

but otherwise if im not aloud to vote myself then i vote deathmansrace. i really like the black and white and the composition works really well. i think katies aproach is too literal. i dont see why the title ink soup needs to have an image of ink soup next to it lolz but its really well drawn, and think it would work well as a cover too.