Thursday, 20 November 2008

The Anthology

Looks amazing! Providing the printing goes well and we don't end up with like 50 duds >.> will be immense. Special thanks to Debbie for her tireless efforts in sorting everything and actually creating the anthology and to Murray for all his work with the printing side (which is still going on but still XP). And thank you Chiu for all your does produce good results in the end! Well done for all those who submitted and got in, better luck next time for those who were too late/didn't fit the feel of the anthology. We're already planning Issue 2: Virus now...We may extend it or such in page length...but lets see how this goes first!

I'll post up the finished cover once I've eaten!

Again, thanks to all involved and lets hope Chiu can flog them! (and they get printed >.>!)


PS. we now also have an official email-, Debbie and I can access it so if anyone has any enquiries or something (someone outside of the blog I mean) feel free to direct them there!


Jess the Mess said...

well bollocks I didn't save it onto my memory stick so its trapped on the uni computer >.>" When I'm in next I'll put it up!

myeyeisonfire said...

Jess! you going in tomorrow! I will be in to prepare all the stuff I should take down, including your postcards - I will take ABC handouts, but it would be nice to take Ink - Soup flyers too! I can make these out of photocopied front covers!

Latest news just in.. Murray has them, and they are good to go, I will ride out tonight and pick them up!!

Will post photo later!

Jess the Mess said...

I wasn't planning to be in o.o...unless you need my help err...photocopying? :P And wooh! i am tempted to come in just to see what they look like...tommorrow was meant to be my day off though :P!