Sunday, 30 November 2008

Comic Book Confidential

I found this when I was looking for lazy ways to research for my dissertation (watching something being considerably easier than having to read >.>). I then found it on veoh (an annoying player thing that makes you download it)

Comic Book Confidential on veoh.

I've since downloaded it and would recommend people watching it...Its essentially just alot of interviews with comic book greats. I expected it to be lame, with the focus mainly on marvel and dc and such but it was actually really informative, with big names like Art Spiegelman (talking about Raw, as well as maus), Charles Burns, Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar, Stan Lee, Sue Coe, Lynda Barry etc etc. It has alot of them explaining what they did, why they did it and also reading from their own work as well as a bit at the beginning talking about the comic code, the rise of comics and the general history of the medium.

If anyone wants it, they can give me a CD and I'll burn it for you!

I also watched American Splendour this weekend which was a really interesting film...Not a cliched making of a comic book...It has the real Harvey Pekar narrating and parts of the comic come into the films...I'd recommend it...I also have that if anyones interested!

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