Monday, 10 November 2008

That woman I mentioned and then couldn't remember her name (And other people too!).

Catchy post title isn't it? Her names Catherine Doherty and the book is called Can of worms.
I couldn't find an example of the idea of photo realism and cartoon alongside >.> and was too lazy to scan it...but heres the cover of the book...if thats any use XP

Also I mentioned pleasantville, for the black and white vs colour.

And the Red Nose Studio...

Murray, you might want to look at David Hine's Strange Embrace...very dark and weird...sort of similar to David B's use of black but more stylised and horror based (since you seem set on murdering children and turning them into sweeties with Chiu >.>) And if you're into really weird and don't mind manga, Junji Ito is quite the little weirdo, most famous for his book about a world infested by spirals called Uzemaki. High calibre Japanese horror right there.
David HineJunji Ito

The girl who was doing those characters and the patterns that Chiu said were too pastelly, you should look at Jim Woodrings weird work, such as his Frank Books which are completely wordless and full of really weird characters. Also when I was looking at the colour and it reminded me of Japanese Artist Junko Mizuno who remakes classical tales in really odd and often gruesome stories but they always have a sort of pastelly colour tone along the lines of the artist you were looking at (whose name I've also forgotten).
Jim Woodring
(who has my initials I just noticed...I shall steal his work and pretend I drew it!)Junko Mizuno

I'm sure there was probably more but I do tend to ramble. Thought I'd put them up since you might have missed it in my ranting. Sorry I can't remember anyones names...I am utter crap when it comes to that! I did try to think of someone who worked in pencil...but apparently there are I don't blame you all for being so Shaun Tan obsessed >.>



Debbie Lambert said...

I've got an issue of 3x3 that has a lot of red nose studio's stuff in, I'll post up some scans when I get back tomorrow.

I think I'm going to have to look into Junji Ito myself he looks my kind of weird ;)

Really good post! :)

Daisy llama Whitehouse said...

Thanks jess
im the girl with the pastel colours Daisy.
thats really helpful I do like the strange creatures.
love your work, see you soon. x

Daisy llama Whitehouse said...

p.s. chris sickles from red rose studio is amazing the animations are worth checking out. x