Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Test Print it A4 YOURSELVES

Hi Anthologists! Don't wait to test print for scale issues! Do it yourself, and see: if the text is still legible; the details have not been lost; and that the composition holds at reduced size - Then if you have problems, you have time to modify!

I have spent this evening modifying my second page, because after printing and putting it on the web, I can see more objectively design issues! I consider printing and web publishing an excellent method of accelerated critical learning - when it is placed in professional fromat it is easier to distance yourself from the personal responses to your work, and hopefully have the same expectations that you would have on when you purchase another persons art work.

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Jess the Mess said...

Its a good point...I've found several problems with mine. Firstly without the colour it doesn't work anywhere near as well...but without the time to redo I've just had to rejig things and shade certain areas...Its not amazing but it'll have to do o.<...Also one of my panels would fall in the gutter so I need to shift the whole second page sideways...waah awkward!