Sunday, 16 November 2008

Graphic Novel

This is my Graphic Novel titled 'Down from the Sky'.
Hope people enjoy reading it and any feedback would be appreciated.


myeyeisonfire said...

overall excellent - like Craig Revel-Horwood however, I always have something to say :)

1, type does not do your image justice, please please tell me you did it on separate layers

2, Some panels are exquisitely drawn, and others mediocre - the squirrel one is mediocre

3, On the good side, you make the girl spunky enough not to even look slightly bothered at the rather ghoulish looking sneezy muffins

DeadMenDontBite said...

I think your type needs some serious work to be honest >.>...Your images are gorgeous and very indepth and then you've sort of put the type over...Maybe it should be confined to boxes or...smaller (depends on print size) or just really doesn't work with the images. Your characters are gorgeous and really well drawn but I do think you kinda lose it in some places, or overwork it...for example the cloth legs look very wrinklified etc...Maybe something to look at but still very impressive!

Milan said...

yeah i agree with both of you on the type front, i may change it as it almost looks like grafiti over all the drawings and doesnt do them justice. I wanted to get some kind of decent idea of how it might look ready for tomorrows deadline.
Yeah its on seperate layers so i can get rid of them whenever. Thanks Jess yeah i mite try and put them in boxes, my only worry is that i would have to further sacrifice the size of the drawings.
Thanks for all your compliments and hopefully i'll have the time to refine certain elements. by the way Chiu, everyone knows you watch Strictly Come Dancing now lol

Daisy llama Whitehouse said...

milan this is BEAUTIFUL! but yeah type should be just a beautiful as the images. (p.s. I like the squirrel) daisy x