Sunday, 9 November 2008


I'm leading a little walkthrough/tutorial on digital colouring in Maggies room, Monday, 10am.

Those of you that want to come will need:

1.A piece of b+w art scanned at 300dpi (The method I'm going to talk about works best with lineart rather than tonal work, but if that's what you do, bring it anyway, it could be interesting). Scanned in and ready to put onto the macs.  Email it to yourself if you don't have a memory stick to bring it in on.

2.Some interesting textures like handmade papers etc, around the same size/resolution as your artwork.

If you don't bring in any art ready then you'll be stuck google image searching for something decent  to use instead so please please please bring SOMETHING in! Even a doodle will do!



DeadMenDontBite said...

Hey Debbie, mind if I drop by to watch/take part >.>? I can just skulk in the back...I'm trying to get my digital colouring up to scratch so it could be useful! I'll probably show up and just loiter providing I can get up in time!


Debbie Lambert said...

Yeah go on no worries :) I'll be putting proper full write up of it on here after if you can't make it