Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Fumetto Competition deadline 5th January! Reminder

I'd like to do something about for the last four weeks you have for illustration, and allow some students to focus on another competition brief instead of animation:


English translation on pdf the deadline is 5th January 2009

L5 students may do this for a third project instead of animation if they are interested,




ktc said...

Glad to hear the books are selling - Can I see u on Monday about changes for anthology etc? (promise I won't be late this time!)

I would be interested in doing another graphic short story project project - is it okay to do it as a module instead of animation?? Maybe could combine the two, as a storyboard or something ..

ps. here's a little comic i did last nite! what do u think?


myeyeisonfire said...

Yes! Please do fumetto instead of animation if you so wish :)

myeyeisonfire said...

beautifully drawn comic, you have both the stylistic and narrative quality to draw attention and smiles!

I'd like to see how the colours translate in B&W - B&W photocopies will also teach you how to keep the toanl quality of colour clear! i.e. the kingfisher blue and the neutral tint are too similar in tone, and the question is could you have stuck to black, neutral tint, and lilac, only?

I love the feel though - one that can sell at book fairs and bigger establishments such as fantagraphics. You probably already know:

with stuff by Marco Corona

Gosh in London has loads of these downstairs!!! It's just opposite the British Museum