Saturday, 22 November 2008

Need to do - comparative reflection

Although Jess did do this after the Manchester Artist Book Fair, we all really need to translate this into the next output of work:

After comparative analysis of the work that was being sold - And believe me, there was work being sold at cheaper or the same price, but more professionally, the following steps should be taken.

  • A sample of the Artwork will be produced by all submitting work, and modifications will be made accordingly by us or preferably by the artist - example of how poorly this was done - Johan's work was lost in print and in size, so was Katie's - both of who's work is of exceptional quality, but reproduced not as well as could be - Milan, is either very jammy, or he could teach us a lesson or two, as his work reproduces beautifully, as did Ed's - (though Ed, I could have killed you for leaving that space!!)
  • Production quality needs to be tighter - Indesign process should not be a by eye composing job, but should follow guides and grids rigidly - I know by my own experience how printers are unforgiving with our mistakes - to tight a deadline was mostly to blame for this.
  • I spent hours the night before having to get up really early cutting 20, then ten on the train down, and then a final ten more in the British Museum of these books, all because of sloppy production management at service point (thanks Murray) and the attitude that "It will do, needs to go with it"
  • We should make accompanying promo material - and I will buy some book stands - though it didn't help the guy next door
Finally, I honestly think we will sell much better either in uni or locally, as I think you shouldn't discount the student market - there is no reason why we don't have a table selling our anthology to BIAD students!

And double finally, I know Jess, Debbie, Sarah and Murray have been around some of these fairs, but all of you should take a much more serious look at your competitors and the quality of their work:
  • Be open, be curious! Ask questions, be thankful! Most people are willing to share loads of knowledge
Again thanks to everyone! If you think you can sell ink soup come and see me, and I will be collecting money off you anyway!!


Jess the Mess said...

I think its a fair point...I'm just new to this and its disheartening when you put so much work in and then don't sell anything x.x! But I think Karoline, the book seller that came in and spoke to us had a point that its also alot to do with the fact nobody has any money at the moment with the recession...thats not to say it couldn't have been better and more well made, just that thats also a factor.

I think things for £1 are the way of the future, considering everything I bought at the thought bubble was that expensive >.> Nobody seemed to do well there either, with people primary buying the cheap stuff or prancing around in cosplay on the sidelines.

myeyeisonfire said...

It's not only the pound factor! it's also the bespoke and quality factor - just don't want you to think cheap and cheerful, but cheap and quality! or really nice quality and moderate price - unlike the 20 pound price tags - though Charlotte and Jatinder did sell at the fairs - the bespoke & quality factor!

Jess the Mess said...

quality...whats that >.>? Kidding kidding! I think we're all getting better at producing towards quality finished goods, I'm just being realistic in my own ability...I'm no book maker as I've proven >.>"!