Thursday, 11 December 2008

Ink Soup second edition looks the business!

Second print edition of Ink Soup issue one looks so good that I plan to take this to Mario and ask for more support, financial and verbal - Katie's double page spread could almost double as a poster - I hope you are all busy working towards INK SOUP 2, as we may try and print with another paper, and try things like a smaller book within the larger one - always good fun exploring production, and giving Murray more headaches to boot. Finally, a very big thanks to Murray, for the great print production management!

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Awkward Jess said...

Hey, great to hear...can I have a few copies to sell to people I know when I go home for christmas?

I'll be able to lend more of a hand next issue, been swamped/pretty ill the past week!

Can't wait to see it on tuesday!