Friday, 26 December 2008


Fumetto Deadline is the 5th!,3,239&DID=1&SID=1&NewsID=14

It says postmarks so you have to post it by then but I'm aiming for the 2nd or I manage to come up with anything...Viruses is proving bloody hard to be original about.

Also C'est Bon Kultur is accepting submissions for the next publications and the next deadline is January 1st!

I'm gonna try and get something done for though its 4 days away...curse you christmas!


myeyeisonfire said...

oh well! Another came and went! Anyone submit anything? I´m in Barcelona at the moment, and just couldn´t get round to doing one, though I drew plenty of ideas in my sketchbooks - see you all soon next week! I´m in this Wednesday, if anyone wants to pop in to say hello!

Jess the Mess said...

er....I had big plans to but I seriously couldn't get inspired by the virus idea...I'll have something for inksoup but I didn't get anything done for then...Once I learnt about the involvement of serious brain went dead.

I also didn't submit anything to c'est bon kultur...I drew something but I thought you could submit by email...then I realised it had to be posted and what with new year and all it would never get there for the deadline o.< next one hopefully...Yeh...I suck >.>