Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ink Soup Edition 2- feedback on sample print

Ok, so i'm back from my trip to Service Point, and alas its not overly optimistic:

For starters, they won't crop all the copies, as the machine they use to crop is an industrial cropper, which they used last time, but to get it as exact as we want they can't do as it will be too time consuming, which means we'll have to crop ourselves?

Second, The white line problem, the good news is we don't have the white line inside except over Katie's first spread and on the spine, the bad news is that there is no easy way to get rid of this problem, the reason it is happening is because of printing the pdf in single page format, which is the only way to print as a booklet on pdf as printing as spreads on pdf doesnt work, which incidentally would get rid of the white lines. Apologies to chiu at this point as going back to our old argument of pdf printing i now understand what you meant having to paginate manually as the only way to print in pdf spread form is to manually sort out the order.

I'll Show the sample tomorrow, but the compromise i considered is that personally the white line on the spine isnt heavily obvious, so ignoring that, because katies page which is affected is in the middle we can jus print that seperately as an A3 spread and then just slot it back in?

The good news is they did print on the other news print esque paper, and it does look very nice, bar printing it oddly (They got confused and first printed it as a booklet in A5, then when i explained i wanted it A4 they printed A4 sheets but didnt double print it...sigh) so will get opinions on whoever is around tomorrow on that as at least have work printed on it!

Sorry this is all so late and i'm writing this all now, but wanted to get my thoughts out asap while its still fresh- ohh another minor point they don't want any reference to service point as because i've not being paying full price they don't want it being well known- fair point!!

Its not disasterous, but annoying in terms of trying to get it looking more professional, ill wait to discuss tomorrow and then try and do all i can based on the decisions we make,



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