Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bald Cypress redrawn page 1 of 2

Redrawn bald cypress, a previous comic, I liked the story but had rushed the ending so re formatted it over 2 pages and will be included in the anthology I'm working on- only first page atm, let me know what ya think!


myeyeisonfire said...

murray! If you can finish the two pages and then greyscale them could we put them in ink soup??

just in case I don't get the fill, or even if I do, and they look really good, I'd add another two pages!


MurrayMah said...

I'll try to get it done by tuesday- is def possible! Other people reading this if you're planning to submit still do as I might not finish it!

and sorry your last bit confused me, you think I should extend it to four pages otherwise?


myeyeisonfire said...

no no, just your two pages is fine - I'm hoping for Dan Griffin Haye's entry!