Friday, 30 October 2009

Latest INK SOUP 04 Update

The InDesign document is very nearly complete:

Ed Homer 6 pages
Murray Somerville 5 pages
Krystian Garstkowiak 2 pages
Roo 2 pages
Wan Tsz Ting 2 pages
Chiu Kwong Man 8 pages
two black back of poster pages
Katie Coulton(poster 2 pages)
Jess Watson 4 pages
Alex Hovey, Daisy Whitehouse and Tom Bishop 1 page
Karen Bryers 1 page
Tom Chippendale 3 pages
Toby Walsh 1 page

03 pages left! 1 single + 1 double spread (separate from each other)
I need a single page story + a two page story! or three single page stories

Dan Griffin-Hayes Rise of the supermarkets!!! CAN YOU FINISH THIS PLEASE!!!! IT's 90 percent done?

One page!! Or will someone submit before?? WE GO TO PRINT FOR FINAL THIS TUESDAY!

(note, Toby Walsh, Tom Chippendale - you need to tidy up your own work next time before submitting, but it's been done for you this time :)


Danup1 said...

Im so sorry! i've been off the radar for a few weeks due to visiting relatives and im ill today.
I thought Id missed the train for the comic book so began to make it into a longer story for this convention. I can send you the first page of it if you want.

How do i send high res images to you?

myeyeisonfire said...

Hi Dan! The convention is the 8th, this Sunday, don't know if you can make it - otherwise the Leeds is the 21st, and that would definitely be worth working for - you got get cracking though - promising storytelling you have