Thursday, 15 October 2009

A Fractured Common Tale - Hansel & Gretel

Hey there everyone :-)
I picked "Hansel & Gretal" for my fractured common tale, where the two kids are the baddies and the old woman living in the candy house is the victim. The parents of Hansel & Gretel decide to get rid of them ( :-P ) because they are so bad they cannot stand them anymore. Eventually, Hansel & Gretel find a house made of candy and because they are so greedy they start to eat it, without any regard of whose house it is. The old woman who lives in the house is shocked and upset and in the end they get busted! This is a simple digital photograph and not a final version. I would like to produce another improved version and possibly to explore different mediums, looks and feels. Furthermore, I need to apply some form of text!
- Karen


left-handed osi-cat said...

the two characters at the bottom reaally remind me of gris grimly. if you dont know him check him out he s reaally good.

myeyeisonfire said...

I would re-do this without the wonky frames - dynamic frames unless used really well, usually in relation to moment to moment and action to action transitions (especially in manga) , can look tacky.
And your drawing skill is getting to a quality which can hold it's own - continue to challenge yourself with the express look of your characters, and draw daily to build on your confidence - I thought the tonal work was very considered

Ed said...

as chiu has already noted you seem to have already developed a style that you are confident with -

what I would say is like the 'wonky frames' it feels a little ruff round the edges which is just a matter of you refining and re - working

this can sometimes take several attempts till you get it right so just keep at it!

Karen Byers said...

Thanks so much for the comments :-) I really appreciate it! I'm sorting out the frames lol! I'm still uncertain of the text - mainly how the story will be told - I'm thinking either the old woman recounting the incident or 3rd person/a narrator