Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Night At The Fair

Hey guys

this is the finished version of 'The Fair' story. Sadly there isn't any time to make any adjustments for the Observer Comp as the deadline is mon and it'll be in the post tomorrow, but production of the next ink soup is still a couple of weeks or so away i believe. It was originally 5 pages but I edited it down to 4 for the purposes of ink soup and the observer comp.
anyway let me know what you think, thanks


myeyeisonfire said...


Except the last panel, he looks like he's in a peaceful sleep?

Ed said...

lol -

yea i didnt know whether or not to have blood gushing out of him so I may add that

Milan said...

alright ed, this overall looks pretty good, the only thing i would moan at (as i am guilty of it myself) is the straight on views of some of the panels. they are effective used sparcely but using them too much looks repetitive (again, milan guilty). havig said that the atmosphere in the first shot is really beautiful, and the powerful composition of the death card is really effective, these panels wee on the straight forward view panels. all the drawings technically are pretty class :) hope that helps eduardo.

myeyeisonfire said...

Im not too bothered about the straight on views, as the drawings are quite hypnotic - the last panel is just too weak for me

Jess the Mess said...

Hey Ed, your work is looking really great! (I realise I'm late...I'm just now remembering contributing is good >.>) I'd agree on the peaceful thing...It wouldnt necessarily need to be gushing blood just something to make him look abit more dead...maybe look at pictures of dead bodies (if thats not really weird) as violent deaths generally don't look serene (not that I look at alot of dead bodies >.>).

You are getting very good at dynamic framing and its definately starting to show your talent for storyboarding. One thing I would say to keep working on is perspective...sometimes its just abit off (which for lazy people like chiu and I that isn't too important but for you I'm guessing it is) It really just comes from compulsive practice (so I've heard) but you've improved alot since I first saw your work so you'll definately get there.