Monday, 19 October 2009

how the elephant got his trunk

This is a short story I working on to build on my narrative and style. I looked at aboriginal rock art and they visual language. below is an image from the Wandjina tribe that inspired me alot. I need to redo the text on the computer, but apart from that I'm pleased with the result, your thoughts please.


myeyeisonfire said...

witty! It would work better without the "SHIT" at the end

also be great to see a series of how other animals got their distinctive parts of bodies?

Jess the Mess said...

I like it though as chiu says the shit part isnt really necessary...afterall if you got rid of it you could aim it at children. The cave painting style is also a great idea...

I think there is a kids book called how the zebra got its stripes...oh the greedy zebra!
but there are lots of other possibilties...giraffes might be interesting!

Ps is this part of your new crop of suckers you lured in?

Danup1 said...

Good character design and clever concept.

alex_hovey said...

thanks for you advice, I'm now working on a story about the platypus based on aboriginal legend