Friday, 16 October 2009

nooo I need protein re-drawn & re-drawn

Re-drawing single images from a series made much earlier on can be quite tricky - in this page I found it difficult to remain within the flavour of the original "hemorrhoids" pictures and have had to draw & re-draw:


Ed said...

tbh chiu after all this time i still don't know what the hell your stories are about -

but because of that I don't think it matters whether or not 'the reader' understands what the relationship is between each image as long as they work together in terms of the overall composition and quality of the drawings i.e the characters

hope this helps

myeyeisonfire said...

sorry ed, perhaps it's better to see them in sequence:

and I have a far easier job than you, as the Title and the text states that the story is about Hemorrhoids - though I do like to leave that ambiguity in the air :)

myeyeisonfire said...

actually ed, by the way we work, you can begin to understand the areas that are work fall into - you fall very much into Thomas Ott's filmic textless narratives, which can be read quite easily based upon our understanding of signs and symbols (semiotics). On the other hand I prefer the works of Kevin Hooyman & Frederic Coche allegorical in nature